Tina Cipolari in Avalanche: The Knight Remains Petrified | Maria fails to stop the massacre

Tina Cipolari in Avalanche: The Knight Remains Petrified |  Maria fails to stop the massacre
Tina Cipolari and Maria De Filippi men and women (Instagram) – Belligea.it

Tina Cipolari points out a contestant from the men’s and women’s stand-up: her reaction leaves everyone speechless.

This summer there has been a lot of talk about it Tina Cipolari And her role within the program men and women. This is according to rumors circulating on the Internet. Pier Silvio Berlusconi He was considering eliminating the woman, because she was considered too emotional, not too calm, and her language did not quite fit the idea of ​​the public that Berlusconi’s heir wanted to address.

However, his presence in the studio since the first recording denied all the rumors and reassured the commentator’s audience. Tina is an ordinary couple with Gianni Sperti, and together, they never back down, always have their opinion, even though they risk going against the grain. Cipollari has never hidden her lack of sympathy Gemma GalganiHistorical lady The throne is above.

Moreover, it is not new that, from year to year, TINA targets some of the program’s participants. In this new season yes I threw it like a rage Against one of the knights of the throne. His attack shocked everyone Maria De Filippi Among them were those who failed to stop the woman.

The truth of the writer

Who is a real fan of the program? men and womenHe certainly wouldn’t forget all the bickering that happened between Tina and Gemma. So far, the two have become icons of the show and viewers are eagerly waiting to see them clash in the episode. Their skits are the gem of a dating show.

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But this year, Cipolari surprised everyone when she received the award Ms. Defenses. The woman was recognized Mauricea Knight He reached the kindergarten of men above the throne this year. But the man’s position did not please the commentator, who did not miss an opportunity to express his opinion.

Maurizio and Gemma
Maurizio and Gemma in men and women (Instagram) – Belligea.it

Tina vs. Maurizio: Maria in the middle of the hurricane

In one of the last episodes of men and womenMaria found herself in the middle of the hurricane. She couldn’t hold it back either Extreme anger Tina, who criticized Maurizio. The knight is She remained petrified He couldn’t even respond. The commentator accused the man of dating women of a certain age just to make room for himself on the show and create a certain thing Vision.

This is another instance where Tina showed that she is not good with her words. After all, this is her job and who better than her knows how to be a commentator and spit the whole truth in your face? Cipollari has such a strong temperament that it divides the audience: you either love her or hate her. But one thing is certain: without it, men and women It won’t be the same.

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