TV host was sentenced to pay a fine only

ended with only condemns With a fine of 14 thousand euros, suspended and not mentioned in the criminal record certificate, a process that witnessed Giancarlo Magali Accused of defamation in the press against Adriana Volpi. The prosecution had requested a prison sentence of 9 months.

the Rule Issued by Judge Mauro Galina, Judge of the Seventh Criminal Division of the Court of Milan. The story originated from an interview given by the famous TV presenter with the weekly “Chi” and published in November 2017 with the title “Giancarlo Magali, do not spoil your career”.

Magali Volpe: What happened

Giancarlo Majali He was also sentenced to pay the ex-colleague, was formed as a civil party and defended by the lawyer. Nicolas Minardo, temporary allowance of €25,000 (Civil Party request temporary allowance of €50,000). We are now waiting to know the reasons for the ruling for which the judge has been detained for fifteen days. The presenter’s lawyers, attorney Antonello Natali and attorney Guglielmo Stendardo, have already announced that an appeal will be proposed. Journalist Valerio Palmieri was acquitted, and lawyer Toniolo Stefano defended him.

The story arose from an interview he published Giancarlo Magali In the weekly Che on November 22, 2017, the conductor – defended by lawyers Antonello Natali and Guglielmo Stendardo – was questioned about the Weinstein and Brize cases and the subsequent media frenzy over alleged sexual favors in the entertainment world. La Volpe, a civil party and assisted by a lawyer. Nicola Minardo, sued Magalli, believing that the latter, in the course of the interview and in expressing his opinion on the matter, implicitly alluded to her and her career.

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Immediately on Facebook, Giancarlo Magalli commented: “Considering that between 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … me too and not the one I nominated at all, I wanted to anticipate this by specifying that the judge awarded me a fine (I don’t have to pay it), temporary fees (I don’t have to pay) and legal fees (which I will pay).10 million in compensation.By the way, I’m the journalist who interviewed me and tried to get me to talk about Fox (he was acquitted) and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper that published it, They were charged in the case.”

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