“I suffer from stage four cancer, and I have months left to live”

“I suffer from stage four cancer, and I have months left to live”

Michelle Murgia he have cancer. It is in the fourth stage. She has a few months left to live. That is why he intends to marry. Meanwhile, the 50-year-old writer bought a ten-bed house in Rome “where my gay family could live together.” Then he wrote a book called “The Three Bowls”. They are the ones in which you eat, by itself, a handful of rice, a few pieces of fish or chicken and some vegetables. “They took five liters of water from my lungs. This time the cancer started in the kidneys. But because of Covid, I had neglected the checks,” he says. “I have months left. I’m getting married because the state asks for a role: my husband will know what to do. A scattering of gray in the ocean in Korea. I hope I won’t die while Meloni is prime minister, “he adds to Corriere della Sera.

Morgia and cancer

in 2014 cancer He hit a lung. Today Murgia (Italian writer, blogger, playwright, literary critic and TV commentator) suffers from quadruple renal cell carcinoma. He is being treated with “immunotherapy” based on biological drugs. The disease does not attack: it stimulates the response of the immune system.” The goal is to buy time: «months, maybe many».

He will open his new book with a diagnosis of an incurable disease. Then he says he does have cancer: «In one lung. cough. I’ve checked. It was very early stage. We realized that right away. It was a kick ass.” She also says that during the purchase of the new house they took her out of the mortgage because she was sick. He explains why he hopes he’ll be alive when Meloni falls: “You have a fascist government.”

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In February 2022, she was admitted to intensive care. At the time Murgia announced that he had undergone chest surgery at the Fatibenfratelli Hospital in Rome. He has posted pictures of a syringe of an injectable solution and some broken pills for his treatment on Facebook. Murgia was born on June 3, 1972 in Capras, Sardinia. She was married to Manuel Persico from 2010 to 2014. She wrote the book “Chirù” at the time of her first cancer diagnosis. In a 2016 interview he explained: “Suddenly you hit something you can’t control. Doctors say: “The tumor is like this, we are groping for it, we don’t know what results the treatment will give. We have to wait.” And you, really, can only wait. Your time becomes waiting time. From the last examination of chemotherapy results. I, finding waiting in line at the post office unbearable, found myself queuing for my life.

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Michela Murgia says that she discovered the disease at the time of the election campaign in 2014, when she was a candidate for the presidency of the Sardinian region. “And I didn’t mention it. I didn’t want pity, I didn’t want to be accused of exploiting the disease. I could have stopped, but I would have thwarted the efforts of hundreds of people. So I held out, and went for treatment outside Sardinia: if I had had chemotherapy in Cagliari, they would have recognized me.” And I would have ended up in the papers.” He says that if he hadn’t had the campaign to think about, “what happens to a lot of patients would have happened: You don’t have cancer, you get cancer. And you’re just talking about it, how you feel, the fact that you’re losing your hair from chemo. On the other hand, I got up in the morning and thought about the march, the people we were going to meet, the political synthesis to be made, the plane to take.”

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Today he says to Aldo Cazzolo: “The metastases are already in the lungs, bones and brain.” And again: «Cancer is not my thing; It’s something I am. And the doctor who followed me explained it well to me, and he is a genius.” In June 2022, around the time of his fiftieth birthday, he said: «Giving up the non-vital: This is one of the most important things I have understood in these months of cure for disease and the sacred cleanliness of life and relationships. . So on my fiftieth birthday I opened the wardrobe that had been bursting with things accumulated over the years, and I chose fifty items of clothing throughout my life that I wore as the person I used to be, but now I am not.”

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