“I demanded 600,000 euros for the club, and left me in debt”

“I demanded 600,000 euros for the club, and left me in debt”

Louis Sal In the past few hours he has broken his silence due to his prolonged absence from the podcast Wild Moosethat led with Fedez. And he did so through a video posted to the podcast’s YouTube channel: “I hope he doesn’t delete it, because it’s also my channel at the moment,” Lewis confirmed. The main reason, according to the author, could have been the protagonist Fides. Therefore, the question of the estrangement between the two is still being held before the court and for this reason, Fedez is up to date Instagram Anecdotally, he chose to respond and give his opinion on this situation by responding in kind to Lois’ words. Let’s see what he said in detail.

Fedez, Luis Sal broke the silence in Wild Moss: “Here’s the truth: he asked me …”

Fides, what happened to Luis Sall: “That’s why he left Muschio Selvaggio”

I tried in every way to avoid this useless theater – Fedez emphasized in his Instagram stories -. The video in which I explained Louis’s absence was not intended as a spit, unlike the video in which he did it towards me. And now I am obliged to explain the story of the selfish one who takes advantage of poor Louis. If this sense of oppression you have been feeling towards me has been lurking for so long, why did you decide to set up a company with me two weeks before you left, and demand 600,000 euros from me for a company that is not even worth half that money? But let’s pretend you’re the victim and I’m the culprit: “Louis we’re adults,” when you’ve got company you can’t get rid of by breaking the game and slamming the door because “gosh I’m bored.”

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He then added, “Since I stopped doing podcasts I have stopped paying people who are not millionaires like you. You stopped paying rent, left me owed, and still made money on views doing nothing. Therefore, even if you had every reason to leave, we do not act like you did because we respect our obligations above all in relation to people who work and live solely and exclusively thanks to our work, but above all we give answers to the public. You don’t stop your partner from providing answers just because you want to take advantage of the pressure.”

Fedez And Louis Sal: Stop

«Since you have freedom of expression and as you say ‘the podcast is still yours’, you have rights and obligations that you unfortunately do not respect – Fedez continued -. I am willing to accept my mistakes and my responsibilities and what I hope there will be the same will on the other side. Next, just a small note to illustrate the company’s money issue.

Then he concluded: «Like all businesses, there was initial capital that we both put in, but money, as in all businesses, ends. We held the assembly, where we asked for an increase in capital to pay rents and salaries, but we were denied, and as a result, I pay salaries and rents.”

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