Coldplay in Naples, Chris Martin calls a fan on stage and duets with him

Coldplay in Naples, Chris Martin calls a fan on stage and duets with him

During Coldplay’s concert at the Stadio Maradona in Naples, frontman Chris Martin invited a fan on stage and sang along with him on the piano.

This evening, Wednesday, June 21st, i foul play They are performing with nobody in your place Italian from their tour, scheduled for Maradona stadium in Naples. Chris Martin, The leader of the group, he immediately stunned the crowd with surprise: he approached the first rows of the restaurant and called boyIn the crowd, a Duet with him on stage.

Chris Martin duet with a fan

Chris Martin stunned fans during the Coldplay concert in Naples, with an unannounced “special guest” in the lineup. The leader of the group approached the edge of the stage, facing the first rows of the gallery, and Send a boy to take the stage to duet with him. First some usual questions. “Where are you from?”Martin asks. “Neapolitan”The boy answers, then adds: Go to Naples. A piano performance that enthralled the audience and the lucky fan will surely not forget it easily.

Coldplay salute Napoli

Chris Martin opened the ceremony at Maradona Stadium with Blue Neapolitan scarf around the neck. The triumphant entrance was welcomed by more than 45,000 fans who had been waiting for Coldplay’s return to Italy for years, some even setting up camp outside the facility from the wee hours of the morning. Then the chief of the British division took the floor and said, in a mixture of Italian and Neapolitan accents: Thank you very much GuagliĆ¹, vulimme bene. We have always dreamed of singing in Naples. We have been training for 25 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s an honor to play In the stadium of legends And In the House of Heroes. Over 25 songs in the lineup, including the greatest hits of all time such as Viva la vida, in my place and the people of pride. Also in attendance were the mayor Gaetano Manfredi and the former blue coach, Italian champion, Luciano Spalletti.

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