Timetables, route and latest news – Corriere.it

Timetables, route and latest news – Corriere.it

2.42pm – Leading (for now) is De Bod

(Marco Bonarigo) As often happens in these cases, when the race begins it is necessary to review the times that the top athletes will use in descending order: at the moment the South African De Bod is in the lead, finishing in 22’32 “average at a speed of 52.18 km/h. The winner could break “The Wall” for 22 minutes.In fact, on the flat part the number is over 55 per hour.

2.33pm – Evenepoel helmet

(Marco Bonarigo) The Evenepoel helmet (produced by the American company Specialized) costs just under 400 euros and, according to the designer, allows an aerodynamic increase of about 0 “8 per km compared to previous models. Watch out for the “Martian” helmets of the American EF team: certainly aerodynamic, they are among the The ugliest thing ever seen on the road

2.27pm – Soudal’s collar

(Marco Bonarigo) Soudal riders (Evenepoel team, Cerny just left) wear a funny collar that serves (let’s say it would do) to increase aerodynamics when they’re on time trial mode. Do they work? Dunno, bike fashions come and go.

2.23pm – Race preparation

(Marco Bonarigo) Athletes who are now starting to use the same race setup: time trial bikes with a “normal” front wheel and a lenticular rear wheel, climbers tend to stand on the pedals while long-distance riders try to stay in an aerodynamic stance. The “suffering” climb must last between 2′ and over 3′ depending on the level of the athlete.

2.19pm – When the big names leave

2.04pm – The Giro has started

(Marco Bonarigo) We’re leaving. The time trial that opened the 106th Giro d’Italia and allotted the first pink jersey at 19.6 kilometres. The first 16.8 courses are flat along the Trabocchi course track that runs along the Adriatic Sea, with a bit of a headwind (for now). Then turn left and climb 1150m with an average of 5.4% then 1700m of slight incline. There are two types of mean time measurements. The winner is assumed to have a final time of around 23 minutes.

1.29pm – study of wind, asphalt and slope

(Marco Bonarigo) Cycling strategists always begin their work by examining the wind: after days of measurements they decide that today it should blow from the northeast, and thus in contrast to the riders’ march at lunchtime, when the first ones take off, and then more laterally (and less noisily) in the post The back is for the big names, with speeds ranging from 5 to 10kph depending on mood Aeolus. Then the road surface of the Trabocchi cycle track: greenish bitumen smoother but also more slippery than the asphalt everyone is used to. And finally, the main difficulty: the sudden change in inclination at km 16.8 of the total 19.6: from flat flat to high that must be ridden in any case with a leg-breaking ratio (58 x 23 or 25, for those who chew technique), stretched out on the handlebars until Don’t lose precious seconds.
Technicians and tacticians were dissected Fossacia Marina Ortona Who opened today the 106th session of the Giro d’Italia and dedicated the first pink jersey. They expected (source Marco Pinotti, engineer and former top-level chronoman) for the strongest 18’30” (approx.) to pedal at 55ph along the sea, 2’30” to gobble up the climb (1150m) and two straight minutes to cover the last 1700m on a slight incline . Twenty-three minutes to hand in the assignment.

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In the gritty old Giro (73km versus 22 in the Tour de France and 35 in the Vuelta), today’s time trial is worth a lot. For Filippone Ganna, it is practically a unique opportunity to wear the pink jersey and keep it until the feet of Gran Sasso, prescribing the fate of our cycling which on paper will struggle for supremacy in the coming weeks. Award-winning couple Evenball / Roguelike – The big favorites for the final victory and the Tic toc specialists – It’s a chance to flex each other’s muscles, with the Belgian world champion who wants to pull off a coup (he was among the few to beat Ganna on home soil) and win it who doesn’t like to leave anything to anyone. For someone like Dennis and above all for Swiss Kong, the chance of a coup is worth the season. The first test result for the pink jersey degree course will arrive quickly and compactly: Evinpool leaves at 16.34, Roglic at 16.35 while Jana closes at 16.37. The breakaway will count little or nothing in the final standings: today I only like winning.

1.15pm – The eight main stages

Here is a guide to the key stages that can define the Giro. Attention to the final days of the 106th Giro d’Italia: the mix between unknown climbs and sacred beasts, such as the Gran Sasso and Tre Quayme di Lavaredo, and the grand finale with a timed grueling sprint to the unknown Losari.

The eight main stages of the Giro d’Italia 2023: We climb from last week’s deadly seventh stage

12:59 – Where do you see it on TV

12:31 – Filippo Gana aims for first pink jersey

(Gaia Picardy, Posted to Fossacia) The sea to the right, dark blue and full of floods, should not lead to temptation: no deflections under the aerodynamic helmet, at 50 kilometers per hour, this morning, on the bike path from Foscia to Ortona, the first postcard that the 106th Italian Giro ships In the world. On this strip of sustainable asphalt, redeveloped for the pink race, the jet-setter Filippo Ganna will embark today on the possible mission of wearing the leader’s jersey, just as in Palermo in 2020 and Turin in 2021, perhaps with intent. to keep them glued to it until the Gran Sasso (the first real mountain to pop into the horizon, covered in snow as it is even at Christmas). Here is the full article

12:21 – Time trial for the first stage

Today’s first stage of the Giro d’Italia 2023: individual time trial (from 1.50pm) Fossacesia Marina-Ortona, 19.6km long

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