June 8, 2023

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In the seismic signals happiness of the Naples championship – Science and Technology


Even the National Seismic Network stations operated by Ingv have it It clearly registered the jubilation of the Napoli fans. There was a very big peak at 16:22 on Sunday 30 April that corresponds to the moment of the goal scored by Napoli in the 62nd minute of the match against Salernitana. And on the day of the scudetto, May 4, two climaxes refer to the celebrations during the scoring of the goal and immediately after the match. About two kilometers northwest of the Diego Armando Maradona stadium is one of the stations of the INGV seismic network, “the stations – explains the institute – have a very high sensitivity and those installed in urban centers are also able to record many aspects of life every day. Such as urban traffic “.

Ingv has “markers” that distinguish typical noises such as traffic, which is why I was able to differentiate between the noise marking goal and celebrations, which were different as the days progressed, marked by blue and red curves. The fluctuations of the curves show a similar trend for working days. On April 30 they part, and while the blue curve shows a minimum, the red curve has its maximum during the central hours of the day, when the match is played at Maradona’s stadium against Salernitana. Then the city “pauses” to wait for the scudetto which, however, the masses had to wait for. Then the Fourth of May arrives and the two red peaks indicate the celebrations on the field during the goal and immediately after the match. As Ingv points out, “Looking at the earthquake graph, the peak marking the goal that allowed the championship to be won is very clear, but the build-up of background noise after the end of the match and during the following hours is also very clear.”

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