Pogba, Board of Directors, Capital Increase, Chiesa and Allegri Live

Pogba, Board of Directors, Capital Increase, Chiesa and Allegri Live

2.30 pm

Allegri, tense conference: Max is nervous because of Chiesa and Dybala

several i Threads Allegri treated him with a knockout blow church And Vlahovic For offensive solutions. Read everything

2.17 pm

Allegri and the injury situation: clarification

Allegri was nervous during the match conference For questions about muscle injuries. I read here

2.08 pm

Allegri and the choice over Vlahovic and Chiesa

At the conference Max Allegri revealed whether church Vlahovic will be present in the derby match against Toro

2 pm

Pogba as a result of the counter analysis

The results of the antigen analysis conducted by Pogba at the Acqua Assetosa laboratory in Rome have arrived. Read the result

1.54 pm

Allegri, live conference

The press conference is live from the training center Massimiliano Allegri On the eve of the Derby della Mole: follow it here

1.21 pm

Juventus, possible solutions in attack

No good news from Continassa: sighting opportunities decline Vlahovic and Chiesa On the pitch with Milik and Kane nominated Kenan Yildiza next generation talent who was already decisive last year in the Primavera derby against Torino

1.06 pm

Allegri’s decision regarding Chiesa

On the eve of the big match against Torino, the necessary assessments were made of the player after stopping due to fatigue in training: what is Allegri heading towards?

12.57 pm

Fagioli Meretti, armchair for two

In Saturday’s big match against Torino, there will be room from the start for only one of Juventus’ midfielders. But beware of possible surprises. He learns more

12.49 pm

Ventroni, Conte remembers him on social media

Exactly one year ago he left us Gian Piero Ventroniformer sports coach of Juventus. Antonio ConteHis dear friend wanted to remember him on Instagram with a photo and a write-up.

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12.37 pm

Training is ongoing at Continassa

Morning training began under orders from Massimiliano Allegri. Conditions to be evaluated church And VlahovicThere is great anticipation for Allegri’s statements about Juventus strikers: The conference is live at 2 p.m.

12.22 pm

Change the derby referee

The match manager for Juventus and Torino has been changed, and Rapuano will not be the referee for the match at Allianz Stadium. Cause and alternative

12.07 pm

Toro, ten unforgettable derbies

Torino is looking for a 36th win over Juventus in the Italian League. Let’s relive ten of those victories The most exciting derbies The history of Granada: from the first in history to the great return in 2001, through victories Great Turin The three goals in three minutes against Platini. Read everything


Yildiz, key to Allegri

Kenan YildizThe Turkish jewel, won the Primavera derby with a double a year ago. Since that day, the attention of the media and Allegri has been focused on him: today he is ready to play in the senior derby. He learns more


Juventus and Toro’s initiative before the derby

The two clubs put their rivalry aside and joined forces for a far more important goal: Danilo’s initiative and words

11.25 am

The most beautiful Derby della Mole in black and white

Juventus is preparing for the derby, let’s regain our feelings Ten symbolic derbies From Juventus history: Del Piero’s heel, the UEFA Cup play-off and much more. Watch them all


Juventus-Toro, precedents

Saturday at 6 pm Mole derby No. 157 in the Italian League. Curiosities and statistics from the first and longest derby in Italian football.

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The most exciting city racing

from A hat-trick for Vialli To the goals at the end Pirlo And Cuadrado: Let’s recall some of the derby matches that Juventus fans enjoyed the most. click here

10.45 am

The derby that entertained Juve

On the eve of the Turin derby, it’s time to look back The most exciting derbies: The first in “Comunale”, the historic return of Trapp, Platini’s double. He learns more

10.31 am

Juventus, listen to Borja Valero about the championship struggle

Borja Valeroa former Spanish midfielder at Inter and Fiorentina, in an interview on Serie A Radio, focused on the Serie A and Juventus battle: Read all

10.16 am

Allegri press conference, when and where to follow it

Today, on the eve of the derby against Torino, and after morning training, Massimiliano Allegri He will answer questions from journalists present at the training center. there Press Conference It will be broadcast live on Juventus TV from 2pm.

10.05 am

Where to watch Juventus on TV

the calendar In the Bianconeri Championship for matches broadcast until the Epiphany Round: Click here


Juventus’s concern and Chiesa’s circumstances

After a period of cessation of training. Federico Chiesa He is a doubt for the derby against Torino. What are the conditions for Juventus talent: read here


Pogba, it’s the crucial day

A decisive day for the future Paul Pogba: The French midfielder is awaiting news from the Acqua Setosa laboratory in Rome regarding the anti-doping analysis carried out yesterday. Scenarios


Today the Juventus Board of Directors, what could happen

At Juventus headquarters today is a day board of directors. Discussion topics and possible future implications between the budget, capital raising and bonds: Read more

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Torino – Continassa

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