Demarco and Acerbi controversy over celebration against Henry after missed penalty kick against Inter Verona –

Demarco and Acerbi controversy over celebration against Henry after missed penalty kick against Inter Verona –

Inter Verona It gave the three points and the title of winter champions to Inzaghi's team but also an eventful ending and more than a few controversies. The social media court continues to comment on Bastoni's attachment to Duda but there is also another episode generating debate. In this case too, there are two Inter players in the spotlight, DeMarco and Acerbe are both accused of poor sportsmanship towards an opponent. Specifically: Henry.

The French Verona striker hit the post in the tenth minute of stoppage time Accuracy The match in San Siro ended in a 2-2 draw. A failed goal and a missed opportunity dismay led Henry himself (who only scored in the 74th minute for a 1-1 moment) to He stoned the disc, placing his hands on his face, aware of the weight of that mistake. While he was thinking about that missed penalty kick, the surrounding Inter celebrated the missed penalty kick as their own goal, because the lead (2-1) was secure and the match was practically over. A celebration also resulted Riot with Demarco and AcerbI Who chanted a stone's throw away from Henry himself.

The Inter players' gesture was taken into account In bad taste. Mocking an opponent like this was not liked by most who condemned the unsporting gesture on social media.

Fratesi celebrates: “I wanted to do much worse…”

If these celebrations, which were considered “unsporting” by some users who commented on those photos, did not go unnoticed, Fratesi's celebration of the 2-1 goal (which was later the final score) also attracted attention. But far from controversy. The latter instead impressed Inter fans quite a bit. Full of enthusiasm, free, under the curve, he climbs the gate that separates the stands and the field. “festive? I wanted to do much worse but I didn't want to be warned – Fratese commented in the post -. There's everything in this hug, we're a great bunch. Even those who play a little are always put in the center of attention and feel important. the goal? I told myself that shot was like the one against Real Sociedad so I followed the action. I went through a difficult period because I used to always play. The engine wasn't always working at 100% because I'm a midfielder with speed and tackling, and now this goal will definitely help me. Message to Juventus? Winning matches like this helps you get to the end.”

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