From Naples to Naples, from true to false

From Naples to Naples, from true to false

Juventus finds Napoli again, one set later. Everything changed from that group, then Juventus was still in contention for the Scudetto, but the defeat against Napoli was horrible, five to one and a feeling of helplessness not seen since the 1990 Super Cup, Maradona’s Napoli, Juventus’ Mifredi and the black and white fans suffered just like that. year when the team was disbanded in the second half.

That defeat was painful, but at least it was true, it was the last game before a fifteen-point penalty was taken and after the farce that began with Juventus and Atalanta and continued with the defeat at home to Monza. It was a very difficult period as Juventus couldn’t get back into the champions’ area with a penalty kick either due to the last two consecutive defeats, but managed to keep the boat afloat with a semi-final to play in Europe and back at home. from Inter.

Juventus played two seasons a season, a real season in Europe, a false season in the league and in Serie A itself, a real season up to Napoli and Juventus and a meaningless season from that match onwards, because footballers are human beings, not cyborgs insensitive to what is said, read and the need to Always winning. The Juventus championship was clearly conditioned, not to say distorted, but it still had the possibility, despite everything and against everyone, to achieve its goals.

Today, Juventus must try to respond, win and avenge the first-leg defeat, a game too bad to be true. Despite the fatigue and lack of rest days, Juventus will be forced to attempt this feat.

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