Three Normal mathematicians have received the International Conference on Basic Sciences Prize

Three Normal mathematicians have received the International Conference on Basic Sciences Prize

Pisa, July 19, 2023 – Two scientific articles were awarded to three mathematicians from the Scuola Normale Superiore on Sunday, July 16, during the opening ceremony of the “International Conference on Basic Sciences (ICBS)that take place in Beijing at BIMSA (Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Applications) until Friday, July 28 and brings together more than 800 leading scientists and researchers from around the world.

Articles by signature, one of Humberto Zannierprofessor of engineering, and the other John Italian And Matteo MiglioriniStudents of the course of specialization (PhD). they have receivedFrontiers of Science Award’, from $25,000, awarded to the most influential newspapers of the past five years. Zannier was awarded a paper on Ordinary Differential Equations and Special Functions (“Convolution Points, Bell’s Equation, and Integral in Initial Terms”), published in 2020 by Acta Mathematica and co-authored Authored by David Masser of the University of Basel; Italiano and Migliorini for a paper on algebraic and geometric topology (Hyperbolic 5-manifolds those fibers over S^1) published in Journal: Inventiones mathematicae in 2023 and co-authored by Bruno Martelli of the University of Pisa.

Other winners include two also works by Alessio Figalli, former student of the regular and specialist course of Scuola Normale and Medaglia Fields 2018, who also gave a public lecture on the opening day of the conference. The International Conference on Basic Sciences aims to promote collaboration and exchange of knowledge on a topic The advancement of science to mankind, featuring more than 500 conference, satellite meetings and exchange events. It is headed by Shing-Tung Yau, one of the greatest modern mathematicians. For the selection of awarded essays, scientific works of basic and applied research in 34 were selected from the three core scientific fields (mathematics, theoretical physics, theoretical computer science, and information science) represented at ICBS.

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The award ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square. In addition to the Frontiers of Science Award, the Basic Science Lifetime Award, one by David Mumford for mathematics and one by Adi Shamir for theoretical computer science, with a cash prize of 8 million yuan, about 1 million euros. The news of the awards was delivered by the doctoral students themselves to the Director of the Scuola Normale, Professor Luigi Ambrosio, who congratulated him on the remarkable result obtained. “We take this opportunity to sincerely thank you,” wrote Italiano and Migliorini, who were also students on the regular course, “for all that the school has given us in these nine years, always providing a dynamic and stimulating environment that has allowed us to develop and fully appreciate our passion.” “The article I wrote is also the result of the opportunity the school has given me to invite eminent scholars – added Zannier – including co-author David Masser, Sr. of, among others, the very famous ‘abc conjecture’ in number theory.”

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