Betty Qadri Weekly Shows July 24-28: Mehdi Files for Divorce!

Betty Qadri Weekly Shows July 24-28: Mehdi Files for Divorce!

Let’s find out together the weekly progress of My Home My Destiny, the TV series broadcast from Monday to Friday on Canale 5. Here are summaries of the episodes that will be broadcast from July 24 to 28, 2023.

the My Fateful Home Weekly Previewsthe beloved Turkish series that keeps the audience company Channel 5 afternoon. In the episodes that will be broadcast From 24 to 28 July 2023 We will find out the situation in the house of adoptive parents Zainab will become tense and, in the end, Mehdi will ask for a divorce. The boy will then be arrested for child labor exploitation and kibrit withdrawal, and this will induce Zainab to stay close to her husband. But let’s see in detail what will happen in the episodes that will air next week in 15.40 on Channel 5!

My Home My Destiny Weekly Deals July 24-28, 2023

Episode summary, Monday, July 24

Mahdi He went to the foster parents’ home Zainab with the idea of ​​making peace, but the situation quickly deteriorates and The girl’s father says things that hurt him and his family. A quarrel breaks out Zainab She breaks down crying, believing she has done everything wrong in her life.

My Home My Destiny episode recap, Tuesday, July 25th

Mehdi sleeps in the workshop and offers him comfort. Zainab Spoke with Nermin She explains that her husband got angry when he saw her pictures with her Farooq. The girl is sure that it was wrong to lie to him. Amina He tells her the truth has come out better, but now she has to think for herself. Sakina tells Solun that she intends to do anything to make Zainab marry Mehdi. Sultan reports to Mojgan that the situation can be salvaged and that marriage is still possible. Mehdi is despondent and sobs for Noah: Zainab is in love with Faroukhe sure is. Amina advises Zainab to leave Mahdi and try to get close to Farouk. Mahdi from to Kybrit some money for Zainabkisa: I’ll hand it over to you at the bus station. The girl gets it and joins it Farooqwho suggests she leave for london.

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Episode summary Wednesday, July 26

Zainab meets Bilal for the first timethen return home and Mojgan He begins to pester her, although the young woman does not react. Zuleiha and Sakina push Zainab to reconnect with MahdMe, but when this comes home He is asking for a divorce. Although Zainab was sorry, she agreed to sign and then went to the airport to see Farouk. Mahdi He was hoping the girl would stay, so when he saw her go, he broke down crying. The police and social workers take Ali’s sulfur and children away, then arrest Mehdi for child labour.

My Home My Destiny episode recap, Thursday, July 27

Zainab joins Farouk to leave for London together, but she returns the ring to him and tells him she is not going with him. Mahdi is placed in a safe cell, KybritSuffering greatly, he is taken to the family’s home during the… onas an adult, is left outGive. Hassan is Mahdi’s lawyer and he goes to meet him and reassure him. He said that the first session will take place the next day and he will request his release. Noah Notify a family Mahdi for what happened and Beautiful She decides that they won’t have to tell their mother anything: she had a heart attack not so long ago, and she doesn’t want to take any chances. Zainab goes to the station to talk to her husband but is unable to do so and so leaves, but the next day she goes to court via Hassan.

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Episode summary Friday, July 28th

Zeynep goes to see Kibrit and when she understands that Mehdi’s wife has no intention of taking her, she treats her very badly. Mahdi He goes to the family home and reassures the girl: he will find a way to take her home. It was no better between husband and wife, but the young man was struck by his wife’s anxiety. Benal He has a series of nausea and She is afraid that she might be pregnant, so she meets Zain by chancep, who invites you to coffee at his home for news of his marriage. Noah He tries to find a way to help the couple and asks for help Amina To prepare for an enjoyable evening.

My home is my destinythe new Turkish series, from Monday to Friday at 3.40pm on Channel 5.

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