Season Ticket Campaign 2023/24 – SSC Napoli

Season Ticket Campaign 2023/24 – SSC Napoli

Week after week we sang our hearts out about having a dream in our hearts.

We chased it, we fought to get to it together against all odds.

We occupied it, hugging each other tightly, we were delighted.

Now this dream is sewn onto our hearts.

Now we have to defend it all together.

The 2023/2024 subscription campaign has started, we are waiting for you at Maradona.

Worth subscribing to!

In the 2022/2023 season, they ran to Maradona more $1 million to Lovers to follow our tours in Italy and Europe.

On many occasions finding a ticket to watch the match from the stadium was very difficult. Secure your place in Maradona and starting from Friday 21st JulyPurchase your subscription for the entire season.

The first days of the sale will be reserved for everyone Subscribers 22/23 Who will be able to enjoy the promotion?samples“, by exercising the right of first refusal on the seat and taking advantage of the discount on the full price of the season ticket. From Wed 2 AugInstead, it will start from there Free sale Open to all Azzurri fans.

By subscribing to the new season ticket at full price, it will be possible to follow Napoli throughout the season starting from 14 euros For every game!

We always want you by our side, because only with your support can we defend the Italian title and fight to improve our result in Europe.

We have considered two types of subscription:

1. The full version – 23 races: Valid to attend 19 home matches in Serie A, the round of 16 of the Italian Cup and all home matches in the group stage of the Champions League.

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2. Italy version – 20 races: Valid to attend 19 matches at home in the Italian first division and the round of 16 of the Italian Cup.

The news did not end there.

For the 2023/2024 football season, season ticket holders will be able to transfer their season ticket to other Fidelity cardholders, at the same fare terms, using the “Change User” function. In particular, those who are going to buy a subscription to the edition Italyyou will be able to take advantage of the “Change User” function of 50% of matches. Those who will buy a subscription to the version fullthey will be able to do so for everyone link.

We’ve set discount prices for our youngest fans but also for our more experienced fans.

the under 14 you will enjoy 50% Discount on full price subscriptions everyone pitch sectors.

Moreover, starting from this season, we also introduced the tariff less than 30at a discount 20% The full price of the season pass, valid for segments Bottom curves And Minimum differences.

Finally all our fans over 65 you will enjoy 15% of full price industry subscription Tribune Nisida And Posillipo Amphitheater.

Another important novelty concerns the possibility of paying in installments for the purchase of an individual subscription in the case of an online purchase.


We’ve thought of some benefits for those who sign up:

benefits Italy Subscription Full subscription
Get ahead of the UEFA HOME GROUP STAGE match Yes included
Italian Cup pre-emption round Yes + 20% off Yes + 20% off
48 hour precedence in UEFA AWAY matches no Yes
User change 10 races* everyone*

* User exchange can only take place between Fans of Fidelity Cards and the same price conditions

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Subscription campaign will end in 08/18/2023 at 11.59pm or when the maximum allocation available by the club, which is equivalent to 25,000 Season Tickets, has been reached.

sales stages

The season ticket campaign will be organized in 5 sales phases. For the first four stages, we will be giving Season Pass holders for Season 22/23 the opportunity to confirm or change their seat, first for the Season Pass for the full edition and then for the Season Pass for Italy. The discounts for season ticket holders for season 22/23 will end at 11.59pm on 1st August 2023. In the free sale it will not be possible to confirm your seat or access the discounted fares called ‘Champions’.

Here are the stages:

phase Begins end
level 1 – Heroes of intercession full Seat confirmation 07/21 at 12:00 07/24 at 11.59pm
Stage 2 – Heroes of intercession full – Change the seat 07/25 at 12:00 26/07 at 11.59pm
Stage 3 – Heroes of intercession Italy Seat confirmation 07/27 at 12:00 07/30 at 23:59
Stage 4 – Heroes of intercession Italy – Change the seat 07/31 at 12:00 01/08 at 23:59
Stage 5 – FREE SALE – Complete and Italy 02/08 at 12:00 08/18 at 23:59

the prices

Below are the full season ticket price tables and Italy

Reserved for Champions 22/23 subscribers – full

Reserved for entrant champions 22/23 – Italy

Free downloads for new subscribers – full

Free sale new subscribers – italy

fidelity card

To participate in the Season Pass it will be necessary to have the SSC Napoli Fidelity Card (Stadium Fan Card). All fans who have an expired or expired Fidelity Card are advised to renew it immediately by contacting the following link:

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We invite all our fans to get a Fidelity Card as well in light of individual match ticket sales.

We are waiting for you Maradona, for another season to live side by side.

We have a dream at heart. Let’s defend it together.

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