Viruses, great enemies

Viruses, great enemies


“The Semester Conference Course welcomed Dr. Enrique Contreras with the first of two conferences on viruses.”

23.12.2023 09.00 h.

A series of in-class lectures hosted by Dr. Enrique Contreras with the first two conferences on viruses. In the second part, he will talk about viruses as great allies, because in addition to the diseases they cause, they are also essential for life.

Viruses are infectious agents that can only reproduce within the cells of an organism (host). It is responsible for disseminating genetic information, has a protective covering and has different shapes. Once they enter the organism, they penetrate the cells that spread the infection.

The most dangerous virus was the smallpox virus, which had already been discovered, and which caused the death of more than 500 million people, and the Spanish flu caused the death of more than 50 million people in the years 1918-1919. The Native American population declined by 90% due to viruses brought by the invaders. AIDS, measles, the common influenza that causes half a million victims annually, or the recent Covid-19 disease, are viral diseases. We have a strong immune system, which should be strengthened with vaccines that are highly recommended for older people

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