Three-dimensional stage of science in Rome

Three-dimensional stage of science in Rome

Tuesday 15 March 2022 – 19:09

INAF: 3D science stage in Rome

A project within the SUSA network

ROME, March 15 (askanews) – A research facility of the INAF was inaugurated today at the Astronomical Observatory of Rome (OAR), Italy’s first 3D installation for scientific publishing, located within the Astrolabe Museum at the same observatory. With the support of the SUSA project, for the establishment of a science and knowledge center in the southeastern quadrant of the capital, and for the Naumachia International Experiment, a European network for the creation, implementation and management of holographic hardware and software, this installation will allow highly immersive and realistic experiences, giving the visitor the impression that they are just a few steps away from the orbs Heaven is too far from us. The opening today is configured as the first of a series of meetings at which research bodies in the area between Tor Vergata and Frascati will present their projects realized in the context of SUSA to the public.

SUSA, which stands for Smart Urban Sustainable Area, is a network made up of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, the research bodies CNR, ENEA, INAF and INFN, working together with Roma Capitale – the 6th municipality and the municipality of Frascati. The goal is to implement a project for the development of the field Specialized in science and knowledge, with the potential, among the various initiatives, to provide a program for the implementation of the European Urban Agenda.

says Maria Prezioso, scientific director of the SUSA project and teacher of economic and political geography at Tor Vergata University in Rome. “In addition to the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, the project has engaged all the important research institutions and bodies active in the geographical area, which, like the INAF-OAR, play a pivotal role in challenging scientific innovation and bringing this to the land they insist.” “The Astronomical Observatory of Rome is an institute with a scientific tradition spanning more than 450 years and represents scientific excellence in the panorama of modern astrophysics. Scholars of academic research have always shown great interest in communicating this distinction to younger generations as well as the productive realities of the region.” “Holographic theater represents another step in imparting knowledge of modern science to the general public and above all to the youngest, through innovative and engaging methodologies.”

The 3D stage is located inside the Astrolabe Building, the interactive astronomical museum of the INAF Astronomical Observatory in Rome. It adds to the dozens of exhibits in the museum through which schools and individuals can learn astronomy by touching it with their hands. The INAF Astronomical Observatory in Rome also hosts Lightlab, the Light Laboratory and the Monte Porzio Telescope (MPT), which together offer a comprehensive educational and informational experience in the field of astrophysics. On the research front, the Rome Astronomical Observatory features a variety of cultural interests in different scientific topics ranging from the study of the solar system to the study of distant galaxies and the universe as a whole.

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