Love is in the Air, Previews March 21-25, 2022

Love is in the Air, Previews March 21-25, 2022

Kemal and Mrs. Yadegar, at the latter’s wish, go to Ida and Serkan’s house to ask for Aydan’s hand. Meanwhile, Karim finds out that he has been accepted into the university with a 75% scholarship and speculates to postpone the start of the new path to the following year. He is not the only one who experiences a moment of suffering: Serkan and his comrades find out who really belongs in the building in which ArtLife is located and Serkan wants to move, but finances do not allow it. Meanwhile, Iver suggests that Milo test Burak to see if he is really the perfect candidate for her and Burak will face the test.

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Aidan, in an identity crisis and struggling with her stifling mother-in-law, “burdened” by the ring she was given, leaves it on the table in the garden. He who has decided to marry Kiraz can see him and offer him a “dowry”. Karim is looking for money to attend university.

Love in the weather charts next week: Serkan wants to know the baby’s name

Serkan and Engin argue over the accusation that they taught their children the doctrine of marriage. Meanwhile, Karim tells everyone that he has solved the economic problem that prevented him from attending university and is immediately suspected of stealing Idan’s precious ring. In fact, it was Burak who offered to help him financially, but invited his friend to keep the secret.

Ida always struggles with Serkan’s stifling and overly protective attitude regarding her son’s arrival, one that prompts Doctor Cenk to give up the job, and replace him with one of Serkan’s trusted, Hayati Onem. Eda decides that she will give birth in water, but Serkan does not agree with this choice. Meanwhile, Karim is unjustly accused of stealing the prestigious Yadegar family ring.

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Karim, who is accused of stealing a valuable chopsticks ring, feels so uncomfortable that he is forced to give up his university studies and get a job in another city. Meanwhile, Eda forgets Serkan’s birthday and makes a plan to throw a surprise party for him. However, Milo has already orchestrated everything with Iver and Burak.

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