Health expects 10,000 visits to emergency departments on Tuesday due to the respiratory virus epidemic

Health expects 10,000 visits to emergency departments on Tuesday due to the respiratory virus epidemic

It is expected to be this Tuesday 10,000 visits to hospital emergency rooms and primary care centers Due to the peak epidemic of respiratory viruses such as influenza, Covid and rhinovirus. This is what Health Minister Manel Balcells indicated today, Monday, in an interview with TV3. Despite this, Balcells stressed that Catalonia does not have any “collapsed” centre, as is the case in other autonomous regions.

The advisor pointed out that the “ceiling” of daily visits to emergency rooms on other occasions reached 11,000 visits. In this sense, Balcells explained that emergency cases in hospitals have increased in recent days by 23% and in primary care centers by 30%. There is more care pressure as there is no Primary Care Emergency Center (CUAP) nearby. Thus, he confirms that 60% of those who go to the hospital these days due to respiratory viruses have a mild infection and can be treated in the primary stage.

Long wait but the situation has stabilized

Balsells acknowledged that there were long waiting times in some centers. However, he stressed that the situation is “stable.” He also pointed out that the end of vacations for health workers and family gatherings in which many viruses can be transmitted will prevent the collapse of health equipment. For this reason, it is not believed that the 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants will be reached as it was before the pandemic, and now it is about 150.

The council member said the peak in cases will likely be this weekend or the week after, with some “aftershocks” possible. For this reason, he justified the necessity of wearing a mask in health centers, to protect professionals and the vulnerable. He also asked residents to “common sense” to stay home or not see vulnerable people if they develop serious symptoms. Additionally, he recommended the use of a mask for people with symptoms or who are at risk in places such as public transportation.

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