‘I Pioppi’ and Science Park to welcome Ukrainian refugees

‘I Pioppi’ and Science Park to welcome Ukrainian refugees

In Giulianova and Teramo are the points where they will receive assistance, vaccinations, tampons and accommodation. Those who host them must accompany them for the recordings

GIULIANOVA – The multi-purpose room “I Pioppi” was opened to support people fleeing Ukraine. And it will do so, specifically, starting next Wednesday, March 23, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 to 14.

The Giulianova Center has been identified by the Regional Civil Protection, together with the Parco della Scienza a tiramo. In order to simplify the reception procedure as much as possible, refugees were ordered to go to vaccination centers, where there are all necessary identification and registration procedures, sanitary procedures (implementation of a vaccine against Covid-19,
Diagnostic swab and Stp code issuance), housing assistance.

Persons hosting Ukrainian citizens are also required, within 48 hours of arrival, to formalize a declaration of hospitality (indicating who is hosting and where) to the Public Safety Authority or to go to one of the vaccination centers with the host. All Ukrainian citizens arrived in the province tiramo They must present themselves as soon as possible at two identified focal points, in Giulianova or
tiramo. Moreover, for any information, it is possible to contact the Social Secretariat, the Coc, the prefecture or the police headquarters in tiramo.

In the ‘I Pioppi’ room it will be possible to apply for accommodation in one of the CAS (Exceptional Reception Center).

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