Beyond economics, the festival hosts a discussion on the transcendent, between science and faith

What is meant by “transcendent”? Is it something necessarily related to faith? The answer is no is charged with the debate between the philosopher Massimo Donna, the mathematician Piergiorgio O’Diffredi, and Father Enzo Fortunato. “Transcendence is not outside the physical, it transcends – says Odifreddi -. So I intend, for the individual, to go beyond what is, with projects and changes, but for society, for what is widely represented here at the Trento Festival of Economics, to transcend the vision associated with the economy, to “Eurocentrism, to produce at all costs, to try to look at the world from the outside, from afar.”

Festival of Economics World Development and Transcendence Pictured: Lauro TISI, Massimo DONÁ, Piergiorgio ODIFREDDI, Father Enzo FORTUNATO, Fabio TAMBURINI Date May 27, 2023 Venue: Archbishop – AULA MAGNA [ Domenico Salmaso – Archivio Ufficio Stampa PAT]

inconsistency. Between economic visions, but also between economic thought and different ideas. The debate about transcendence between philosopher Massimo Donna, mathematician Bergorgio O’Diffredi, and Father Enzo Fortunato fits with this perspective.

“Transcendence for me, who personally finds myself already between two contradictory positions, I’m not a believer but I often write about God, is not something that resides in another dimension, in a beyond – as Donna explains -. On the contrary, it is an integral part of our experience “Let us consider the world: does it have its undeniable temporal development, but are there stages? Is there an end to time? No, we know the past, the present, and the past for sure, but the past is in the present and the future is in the present. So the transcendent is something in this present.”

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“Just as we cannot say whether the end of time exists, we cannot know what happened at the beginning of time – continues Odifreddi -. Science knows how and when the universe began, but first, how did the universe arise? Science and philosophy agree here. Just as they agree in fact That transcendence is not elsewhere: it is in the detached and universal vision of our lives and the world. Let us think of the economy itself: to transcend means, in my opinion, in this field to question growth at any cost, in terms of population and consumption, and also to admit that there may be other indicators non-economic, to evaluate our lives… But what if there is, for example, happiness among those?”

The ball of happiness, which Father Fortunato catches with a kind heart: “The happiest man is the man who cares for others – he says -. Unhappiness, on the other hand, is withdrawal into oneself. It is a closure that has a certain economy in itself, and Pope Francis told us this in 2013 when he claims that “this economy kills”: consumerism consumes the consumer, transcendence on the other hand is dealing with one’s conscience. But do we allow ourselves to be questioned by the egregious inequalities of the world? Are we careful? Not only some must be change But everyone.”

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