This time we move on – the podcast between science and technology

This time we move on – the podcast between science and technology

It will be released on Monday there the first episode de The turning point Between science and technologya podcast file hosted by Alicia Sampereproduced by Lorenzo Cavazzini And the Stefano Zerbo In cooperation with EXCEPTIONAL GUESTS.

Almost for fun

“…so why don’t you make one genuinely? “

That’s how it started conversation On the podcast Benny and Lorenzo Pizzi: He just asked me if I wanted to enter the social section of Young Reporters, and I was happy. Then the conversation took an unexpected turn, heading towards podcast section.

I remember joking to him: “When I talk to my friends on Whatsapp, I don’t send voice, I send audio notation‘, to confirm the average duration of my work existential monologues; Who knows me, perhaps, listens to my adventures (of modest duration 8 minutes) in the bathroom.

Lorenzo’s answer, with a little laughter, made me to think: “…so why not make a real one?”. Within a few minutes, I already got a file First Name From my podcast, me Topics From the first episodes and Guests to call.

The bend: between science and technology

I wanted to create something to talk about scientific breakthroughs And the technology of our time, calling experts from different sectors to share their knowledge with our listeners and listeners, with a simple language and available to all.

So, after months of hard work, and with the support – and patience – of Lorenzo Cavazzini And the Stefano Zerbowill be released on Monday there the first episode From my podcast, “Spin – Between Science and Technology”.

You will be able to listen to expert input on a topic nuclear and scientific promotion Luca RomanoAnd the @ natural lawyer For friends and followers Instagramwhich responded to my first big A question: “Nuclear energy is truly the sustainable breakthrough for to save The our planet? “.

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I’m going to do this first episode with two Giovanni Reporter authors, Andrea Bonucci And the Laura Cavalliundergraduates in active engineering.

If you are intrigued, change your life and listen to the song “La Svolta”!

Alicia Sampere

(cover photo from Unsplash)

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