Are you diabetic? This is the superfood that replaces sugar best

Are you diabetic? This is the superfood that replaces sugar best

the Diabetes It is one of the diseases It is not contagious Month common around the world. In fact, according to Spanish Diabetes Association, Spain located in Second place of countries Europeans where is he More people Who have this disease that affects One in seven adults In our country diabetes mainly consists of A High levels to Sucre to rich For this reason discount from consuming this food necessary for every Control and prevent the disease

In addition, as reported General Council of Official Nursing Colleges in Spain,l’Global Health Organization One tip Daily intake to 25 grams From this food. This fact is special difficult Taking into account that it depends on the body The majority of Among the sugars that we currently consume are: Disappeared in Processed foods Which isn’t even sweet.

That’s why, we’re showing you one Superfood (A food of great benefit to human health) which is the alternative excellent For sugar lovers: Coconut sugar.

Natural and has multiple benefits

As experts have pointed out, it is a food product that acts as a sweetener “I am normal”. Coconut sugar, as the name suggests, is born from the flowers of the coconut plant Coconut palm treeWho once saw his moisture evaporate by fire, Change the color Until it forms a substance “Dense and brown.” Once it acquires that shade it is It crystallizes The website explains that it is converted into the final product Farmacia.biospecializing in natural medicine.

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I have been using this product for a long time asian cuisine, And now specifically it is starting to become popular the West for them Multiple properties For health.

One of its many benefits is that it contains… Low index to glucose, Which basically helps make Sucre is indispensable Didn’t go up big quantities. The mentioned property makes this option ideal for diabetics, although it should be noted that excesses are not good, so it should not be abused.

Another characteristic of this “natural sugar” is that it has a high sugar content basic foodstuffs, Like the Iron, potassium and magnesium. Plus, though Carbohydrates They continue to be present in this food, they do this in it lessBecause it consists of one 80% waterAnd 15% sugar Finally one 5% minerals.

Among its many benefits as well excitement Subordinate Bone and muscle growthMaintains Nervous system in calm, decrease the Hypertension Preferably blood flow

If your sugar level has been hanging by a thread, now you know a more natural alternative that will allow you to put it on hold nice place In life; correct Feeling terrible.

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