The fact of Queen Elizabeth’s death shows, something is not right. speak in disbelief

The fact of Queen Elizabeth’s death shows, something is not right.  speak in disbelief

After three weeks of terrible news that shocked the entire world, Queen Elizabeth II’s death certificate has finally been published and we know for sure the cause of death. Some were surprised by the evidence, theories abound, and now the definitive answer has arrived.

just scoro September 8 That the world went into mourning: that day, in fact, is dead Queen Elizabeth IIThe longest-lived queen in history. His heart often has to beat at Balmoral Castle.

The news shocked the subjects and the whole world, fond of a woman who reigned for 70 years. Now we finally know the cause of his death This ties each knot.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth, many things happened: intense days of patriotic morningFamily reunions – including Harry and Meghan – secrets, lies, scandals.

finally The hypothesis is that Harry did not know about his grandmother’s deathAccording to what emerges from some close sources Royal familyMy nephew had learned the news through the local media. This means that none of the family members remembered the warning Harrywho currently lives in California with Meganaway from prying eyes.

During days of national mourning, millions of people spent hours and days on end to be able to bid one last farewell to their Queen, demonstrating how important she was to the English people and beyond.

In 70 years of rule Queen Elizabeth II She managed to win the hearts of many, who put aside their daily obligations to show their devotion to the other.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II’s death certificate has been published

Queen Elizabeth's funeral

However, it has passed the most painful stage of the royal funeral The world wondered what the queen had died of. In fact, at the time of his death, the royal family did not say why.

For several days we have been wondering what happened: everyone’s mind was coming back to his mind Last seenOn the occasion of meeting with the new British Prime Minister Les TrussElizabeth II showed herself smiling and sunny as usual, but with an obvious bruise on her hand.

This in particular gave way to several theories: that she died for a brain attackHe hasn’t been feeling well for a while, and he’s had some illness which the participants were not aware of. Today, we finally know what happened: Actually, it was Publication of death certificate Explains everything.

It is written on the black and white document that the king died because of it the elderly. Some still struggle to believe it and believe that the British monarchy is hiding the real reason. What is certain is that official sources point to aging as a trigger.

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