This is why Arno’s yacht did not enter the port of Naples.

“the Bay of Naples It is the busiest sea bay in the world, after Port Hong Kong, where there are also four marine protected areas. In short, we defend man from the sea and the sea from man ». L’Admiral Peter Villa He is the Maritime Administrator of Campania and Commander of the Port of Naples. It was he who banned maxi yachts from the dock of Mergellina, the only tourist port in Naples open to large boats. Limit 75 metres. Thus the yacht Maxi Symphony Bernard Arnault and Mr. Tripadvisor’s yacht, Perry Dealer, were excluded.


The one in Naples is Strategic port in the Mediterranean, which you insist in a city with important services – such as the airport – which is a useful base from which to go to different destinations. From the Gulf Islands to the Aeolian Islands, from the Pontine Islands to Sardinia: a very attractive base that offers its guests the added value of a city that has so much to offer in terms of art and sights.

“safe limit”

“This provision that sets the limit for large yachts It is not a matter of bureaucracy, but of security. General management has its primary mission in the field of security and my experience, my role clearly speaks to the fact that this has always been a priority for me – says Villa -. I have had and am receiving constant pressure for this. But he does not back down from his safety ». However, until last year, entry to the Louise pier was allowed, even for boats with a length of one hundred meters. «In the past in some circumstances, in a particular situation, Exceptions were granted to normal safety standards. But the assessments lead us to say that a boat of this type, with a latch on the bow and a passage in the stern, reaches a depth of 125 meters, and therefore there are really no minimum safety conditions ».

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The dim lamp

The admiral explained in detail: “The ship is at anchor like this Blocking the green light for those entering the port, which only sees a red light and is heading towards land – insists the commandant of the Port of Naples – in my estimation it did not indicate the possibility of anchoring, simply, but to check the relationship between the different types of traffic and the hazards of the port conditions. We find ourselves on a safari. And I don’t think it’s even Arno or something else – geeJennifer Lopez, DiCaprio Or whoever is told they will not be able to dock in Naples – they want to move at the expense of safety principles. The provisional clearances suggest a different moment and in light of the dynamic simulations conducted twice, with the chief pilot and deputy chief pilot at the port, who emphasized that safety standards were not there.”

possible solution

But there is a chance. “If they come to us from Bernard Arnault’s boat or from someone else – Villa adds – I do not exclude the possibility of finding solutions in berths 20 and 21. Which is also a reference for cruise ships which, if free, can also accommodate maxi yachts. Waiting for the structural solutions that can arrive from the San Vincenzo dock. For the rest, I was right in wanting to see clearly, before a dead man ran away from us. Because the danger is real for yachts and also for the direct hydrofoil to the Aeolian Islands departing and arriving from Mergellina. They cannot and should not blame us. If the highway is narrow, do they take it on the traffic police? These yachts on that dock are like a big bus standing in the middle of an intersection.”

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