Catalan research finds its best showcase at the MWC

Catalan research finds its best showcase at the MWC

he Catalan Research System It is a leader in Europe. However, if there is something missing for it to become truly competitive, it is a significant increase in research projects being developed and brought to market, which is known as technology transfer. The space that has proven ideal for encouraging this move is the MWC, according to the same Catalan research centers as the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)he Computer Vision Center (CVC) S Eurekat. All of this is joined by the presence of other actors in the ecosystem able to act as a link between potential investors or customers, such as Mobile World Capital. In short, the MWC has become an ideal showcase to showcase all the technologies that Catalan centers are capable of developing.

One of the centers that this year began to bet strongly on its presence at the MWC is BSC, which for the first time had a booth at 4YFN. From this standpoint, the director of technology transfer at the center said: Anna EscodaHe explains that they decided to take this step because they already had one Incidental critical mass Big enough all with the idea of ​​finding your first customers or “Top” Which helps to further enhance and refine corporate technologies, as they are in the early stages still need and require them Very capitalSkoda remembers. On the other hand, the expert also explains to this newspaper that the MWC conference is an excellent platform for her research, as a large portion of investors and conference attendees need, or will need, Supercomputing To continue to grow and this is what BSC offers. For this reason, this year the research center also brought more than 20 of its technologies to the conference to see if there were any companies interested and if this technology could eventually be brought to market.

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President of the State of Catalonia, Pere Aragonés, during his visit to the Eurecat stand at the MWC/ACN

Not all research centers follow the same strategy. For example, Eurekat It chose to showcase part of the technology jointly developed by local companies and some spin-offs it set up. In this vein, the center’s startup development director, Gemma Battleshows that they chose from Eurecat to display several cases transformationsuch as cooperation with Time is brainWith whom they created a headband that helps Company technology transfer. All of this, Batley explains, serves to demonstrate the capacity that exists to create cutting-edge technologies in the country and to see the center's ability to help companies so their solutions can reach the market. As a result of this strategy, Eurecat was able to introduce two of its spin-off products –Dipnyo and Evion Health- at 4YFN and also had a presence through the companies it collaborated with at the event such as Ocean Ecostructures, Vottun or Bigle legal. In addition, it has also introduced an assistant robot that helps people with various daily tasks and is capable of carrying on a conversation.

Talent can also be exported

For his part, Director of the Center for Disease Control, A. Joseph Ladouse, also agrees that the MWC is a good place to increase opportunities for technology transfer, both to large companies – even if it is difficult – and with Catalan companies that also want the technology they have developed. However, Lados A World economy That of CVC is more of the technology they are accustomed to Talent transfer Not many products can reach the market. Along these lines, it ensures that they provide from the center “people skills” and thus end up exporting the talent to companies, and once there, the technology can eventually reach the market.

Photo from the first day of MWC/EP
Photo of the first day of MWC 2024 at Fira de Barcelona / EP

Uniting projects and investors

Among the actors present at the MWC, there are also figures who are not necessarily research centers, but also work to promote technology transfer, such as Mobile World Capital Barcelona. In this sense, the organization's business and ecosystem development manager said, David DomingoHe explains that they are seeking to create a space within the conference to create links between the research centers themselves, with potential investors for their spin-off programs and also with larger companies that might be interested in the technology they offer. In addition, they also have the program running Collider Which connects potential CEOs with researchers to bring technology to market. In short, Domingo explains that what they offer from the capital is “Tools” to complete your search And eventually be able to put it on the market, which helps researchers. In fact, the capital is one of the EU's reference incubators for technology transfer.

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These are just some examples for which the Catalan search system at MWC has found an ideal offer to show its progress in the field of mobile technology, especially in the Deep Tech section, which offers greater added value and is therefore more attractive to the market. In fact, the perfect example of this progress is the 4YFN Awards win by Qilimanjaro, which distinguished itself as the best startup in the sector in the same week and arrived at MWC in the hands of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

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