TikToker’s overreaction is going viral

TikToker’s overreaction is going viral

Tuscany, Lana Del Rey decides to stop in this wonderful region for the only Italian party: TikToker takes the news in a sure way … in an exaggerated way!

Tuscany is one of the favorite Italian destinations for all seasons. Undoubtedly, the advantage is that it is at the same time an area where it is possible to appreciate art, history and culture, but also to enjoy the beautiful sea. In particular, the really lucky ones are those who will be in Camaiore, a municipality in the province of Lucca, this weekend. In fact, singer Lana Del Rey has just announced the only date for the concert that will take place in our country on the second of July. The race for tickets is on the Internet.

Singer, songwriter, poet, and model, Lana Del Rey has been known all over the world since 2012 for several hit songs, the first of which is undoubtedly Born to Die which is on the demystifying album. On the same disc, then other songs that made her worldwide gods like Video Games and Summertime Sadness. Maybe someone will run away, but let’s talk about the third woman in the history of music to stay with an album for 300 weeks in the US charts. The honors for her are endless, from two BRIT Awards to two MTV Europe Music Awards, going through six Grammy nominations and one Golden Globe for the (also famous) song Young and Beautiful (among other things, the soundtrack to the blockbuster The Great Gatsby). .

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Tuscany and Lana Del Rey in concert on July 2 in Camaiore: TikToker can hardly handle the hit!

Well, an artist who has so much to offer the world of music can only wait impatiently wherever she gives a concert. But imagine the situation for a moment: what would you do if you suddenly found out that the singer of your dreams would come to Italy in just a week (or even less)? Don’t you go crazy? Here, this is what happened to TikToker that we are telling you about today. The boy literally exaggerated the news of Lana Del Rey’s arrival in our country.

sonoflamen, that is the name of a very young fan of the American singer, recorded his reaction to learning about Lana Del Ray’s concert in Italy. He yells so loudly (with joy), that even the little dog on the bed next to him freaks out and almost runs away. But who knows if he will eventually be able to get a ticket. For our part, we wish him the same, given the enthusiasm he showed in the video recording that has already started making the rounds on the web and has won many ‘likes’ and appreciative comments. Naturally, the race is now up to the last ticket given the speed at which news now spreads thanks to the internet.

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