Tax bills, you can’t pay

Tax bills, you can’t pay

Tax records, Italians have always feared. But did you know you might not pay them, too? String requires some conditions.

Tax bills are always very important to Italians, especially to debtors. Especially if the creditor is a revenue agency. The state’s main debt collector has every opportunity to put debtors in serious trouble.

Tax Bills, Could Be Unpaid: The Solution (Web Source)

Due to the very precise procedures, it is possible to reserve homes, as well as salaries and pensions, mortgage the house or even park the car administratively. Not all things are fun at all, but they can be avoided at the same time. Regarding tax bills, in fact, the solution is not necessarily to pay them.

Tax records: what is the solution to avoid getting into trouble

First of all, it is good to know that when it comes to debt, there are two parties involved; creditor and debtor. In financial, tax and similar debts, the creditor is the revenue agency, which has long since replaced Equitalia.

However, not many know that there are different ways to avoid paying tax bills. The main procedure is the so-called over-indebtedness procedure. Practically speaking, even with tax bills, a person without property has nothing to fear; that by saying, Those who cannot pay should not.

Also because any action taken by the agency has no chance of success. In any case, it must be the judge who establishes that the taxpayer is in fact in no position to pay it.

In fact, the aim of conducting over-indebtedness is not to make those who cannot actually pay off the debt, and thus protect those who do not have sufficient financial resources to find resources or work.

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A solution that is applied in the most difficult cases. And in fact, even considering that courts have recently made it easier to implement this type of solution, in general, debt default should be effective.

Cancellation of tax invoices (web source) 12.04.2022
Delete tax invoices (web source)

However, you may not be completely exempt from paying. If the debtor has income and assets, for example, it is possible to reach some kind of agreement between the two parties. In this sense, those who have to pay are given the advantage of paying only a small part of their debt.

One Discount which generally reduces the amount to be paid to a fifth and also in appropriate installments. To activate this procedure, the debtor must contact the Crisis Settlement Authority.

The latter has the task of supporting people who have difficulty in rehabilitation procedures. It can be found all over the country and often even in chambers of commerce.

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