350 CV with PHEV technology and manufactured in Spain

350 CV with PHEV technology and manufactured in Spain

There weren’t exactly a few who were looking forward to it Hebrewthe historic Spanish brand that has now been reborn by the Asian giant SheryAnd present their new models to society.

He did it in madrid car experience, Formerly known as the Madrid Motor Show, with two proposals that should be more than decisive for the success of the manufacturer that wants to become a reference in our country. One of the most attractive proposals is none other than… Ebri S700a model that belongs to the compact SUV category and it will not be entirely easy in Spain.

Among other things, because this model has to face very well established cars in our country as in Come here Sportagehe Hyundai Tucsonhe April Qashqai Or the seat Attica, among many others. The brand recognizes the importance of this model, which is supported by two different mechanical variants that will certainly make it decisive in its category.

EBRE S700, an attractive and technological SUV

The version for those who don’t want to take risks in terms of mechanical options runs through a 150 hp petrol engine mated to an automatic transmission, an engine very similar to some of its direct competitors. However, the most interesting version is the one with hybrid mechanics, the type of engine that can boast of having the best gasoline engines as well as the best electric ones, but without the disadvantages of autonomy, they have the latter.

A mechanism that in this case ends up offering a combined power between the gasoline engine and the electric motor of no less than 350 hp, making it one of the most powerful options in its class.

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What is best in this case is that it contains a battery of more than large size, to the point that the electrical autonomy of this mechanic is close to 80 kilometers, and thus it becomes an ideal model for covering the vast majority of daily trips with the electric motor and with the combustion engine for long trips on highways and highways.

It is still unknown what prices this model will be available at, but it is known that it will reach dealers at the beginning 2025 Which will be manufactured there Spainso it is certain that many will pay attention to the news of the brand that has been reborn in a very good way.

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