This is how Social Security will pay for glasses and contact lenses from now on

This is how Social Security will pay for glasses and contact lenses from now on

This is how Social Security will pay for glasses and contact lenses from now on123RF

The Government of Spain, specifically the Ministry of Health, with the Minister Monica Garcia At the summit, he took an unprecedented step in improving access to… Visual greeting After announcing that they will be included during this legislative period Glasses and contact lenses Within Social Security benefits. This measure aims to be activated during the next four years Reducing financial expenses Which means that many people have to buy these devices to correct their vision.

The new Minister of Health, Monica Garcia, announced this measure during the conference The press conference following the recent Cabinet meeting In it, he stressed how important it is for people to get these basic benefits and not have to pay the costs associated with visual health out of pocket.

As expected, this helps It could benefit up to 30 million citizens In Spain, although the requirements for requesting this have not yet been defined.

How to apply for assistance

Although the Ministry must define what it is requirements To apply for this assistance and the way it will be achieved, one possibility is that the application process is based on criteria such as: Age, economic status, or medical diagnosis As it actually happens with many other diseases.

As for the application process, you will likely need to submit one documentation This justifies our need for glasses or contact lenses, as well as certifying the citizen as a person qualified to receive assistance.

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People interested in receiving help with glasses and contact lenses should be private Stay tuned for updates The Ministry of Health and Social Security, through its official channels such as social media networks, to find out when this procedure is activated and what it is Terms and procedures To request it.

This initiative follows the example of other countries Europe Like France, Germany and the UK, it seeks to make it more accessible Need Which a lot of people have. Spain could take inspiration from what these countries have already done, such as the requirements they have set, age restrictions or renewal period.

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