The PP will have Armengol appear before the Senate in the Koldo case and warn that Sánchez could be next

The PP will have Armengol appear before the Senate in the Koldo case and warn that Sánchez could be next

The People's Party will make Francina Armengol appear before the Senate investigation committee in the Koldu case. This was confirmed by the popular spokesman on Monday. Borja semper, who warned that his party would not only fire on the president of Congress, but could end up having the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, appear in the Senate as well. “We do not rule that outThe spokesman for the Popular Party pointed out that, in his opinion, he insisted that it was the Socialist leader who came out to provide explanations for this conspiracy at his request.

In his argument, Semper noted that Pedro Sánchez knew about Koldo's plot because of his closeness to Koldo Garcia. As is the case among one of those investigated in Delorme operation The head of the Spanish government was only one person: Jose Luis Abalos, the right hand until 2021 of the socialist leader. The PP spokesman accused Sánchez of “covering up” the conspiracy and including Abalos on the July 23, 2023 lists so that he could become an elector. At the same time, PSOE sources indicate that they from Ferraz do not rule out a counterattack if the PP ends up with Sánchez's testimony in the Senate, and then Alberto Nunez Viejo appears before the congressional investigative committee on the illicit purchase of sanitary equipment during Ferraz's term. . The epidemic

The Senate must form the investigative committee on Monday afternoon Cup coldo, the weapon that Alberto Nunez Viejo hopes to use to eliminate Pedro Sanchez while the Legislative Council is in session. On March 12, the full Senate approved the establishment of an investigation committee into the Koldo case. It was proposed by the People's Party, in a chamber where the people have an absolute majority. However, the proposal received the green light from all senators in the chamber. Thus, the Senate unanimously approved the formation of a commission that will be based on public contracts during the pandemic through which Koldo García, a former advisor to José Luis Ábalos, allegedly obtained kickbacks.

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Differences between congressional and senate investigative committees

The Senate committee will be formed two weeks after the House of Representatives also approved in that chamber the establishment of an investigation commission promoted by the SWP into the procurement of medical equipment during the coronavirus pandemic. Here's the PSOE trick: They intend to turn the Koldo case into another chapter of the commission that ultimately aims to shoot Isabel Díaz Ayuso.. In the end, the People's Party ended up abstaining from the vote. Only Fox opposed it. He relied on votes for Pedro Sanchez's regular cycling partners in the Carrera de San Jerónimo.

Instead, everything points to that The Senate committee will focus only on cases of interest to the SWP, as the People's Party enjoys an absolute majority, and therefore has the freedom to impose the list of witnesses it wants. In fact, in Genoa they are confident of turning the Koldo affair into a major scandal for this legislature, in order to gradually wear down the socialists. Until now, the Popular Party has defined the Koldo case as the “Pedro Sanchez case.”

People would like to be able to have the Spanish Prime Minister's spouses appear on this committee, Begonia gomez. In recent weeks, the People's Party has also called for Francina Armengol's resignation as Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, since the former president of the Balearic Islands bought masks in the conspiracy during the coronavirus pandemic.

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