Florida building collapses: 1 dead and 51 missing

Florida building collapses: 1 dead and 51 missing

One person was killed and several others were injured in what became known as the Crisis Mayor Charles Burkett.

Fifty-one people are missing, Miami-Date Commissioner Sally Heyman told CNN. These people do not give the sign of life to their loved ones and no one can reach them, he said.

About 10 of the injured were treated at the scene and one of the injured is in hospital. Thirty-five people survived the crash, Miami-Tate fire chief Ray Jadalla said.

Built in 1981, the building housed 130 apartments. Said director of emergency operations in Miami-Dat Miami Herald More than 70 apartments were destroyed or damaged. He points out that the rescuers believe he has freed all the survivors.

All the living people left the building.

An excerpt from:Frank Rollson, Miami-Tate Emergency Operations Director

Dozens of rescue teams and dogs are working hard to locate the victims in the rubble. Local NBC 6 South Florida video showed firefighters removing a living boy from a pile of debris.

We are preparing for the bad news

At a news conference in Tampa on Thursday morning, Florida Governor Ron Desantis said he hopes local and state officials will save the victims of the crash, but Considering the destruction we see, we are looking for bad news. The governor will come to the southern part of the state later.

The search and rescue operation will last at least a week, said Andy Hyatt, general manager of Surface Township.

A hotel opposite the building was precautionarily evicted, just like the neighboring building on the north side.

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Gas moving towards the coast of the Miami area may prevent strong storm searches with lightning and rain.

For some reason not yet known, part of the apartment building collapsed.

Photo: Twitter / Miami Beach Police Department

Surface Mayor Charles Burkett says the building does not exist Old as many in the area, Adding itThere is no reason for a building like this to collapse.

The space between the floors, which is 10 feet [3 m] Now reduced to 1 foot [30 cm].

An excerpt from:Charles Burkett, Surbside Mayor

The cause of the collapse is not yet known, but the mayor is said to be working on the roof.

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