Cassolada at Park Güell hours before the Louis Vuitton fashion show: check out the effects

Protests escalate against Louis Vuitton’s fashion show Scheduled for this Thursday evening At Park Guell in Barcelona.

The voices of neighbors and relatives of students from the Baldere Rexach School were heard inside the park on Wednesday afternoon From the building itselfAt the foot of the famous staircase.

Relatives from the Toro del Scriol and Reina Elisenda schools, as well as the neighborhood association Sum Bari, also participated in the protest.

Armed with whistles, banners and drums, and closely watched by the Mossos d’Esquadra, they complain about the company’s luxury offering and The mystery of Barcelona City Council.

“Let’s get off this crap” and “The streets will always be ours” are some of the chants heard to protest an event they believe should not happen on protected heritage.

As the families explained, they were not even informed How can they collect the bastardThe park will be closed to the public.

The protest was heard during rehearsals for the show (3Cat)

For its part, the city council expressed its regret for the antiquities, but it defends this type of activity that… Scores in the America’s Cup.

In recent days, several protests have taken place against the event, organized by parents’ associations of students from schools and neighborhood organizations in the surrounding neighbourhoods. It was one of the protests In front of the company store on Passeig de Gracia.

This Thursday, in conjunction with the parade, there is one planned casserole Under the slogan “Neighborhoods are not a platform for their show,” through which they intend to “raise noise against the Barcelona brand that is devouring it.”

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The preparations also caused some damage to heritage, angering neighbours.

Thursday is complicated

According to the city council, all day he will be there “Motor disabilities” In the streets next to Park Güell (Olot, Santuari de Sant Josep de la Muntanya, Larrard and Marianao), in the Salut district.

But council sources confirmed that “Neighbors will have guaranteed access The educational community will have access to schools in the area.”

The whole day Parking of vehicles will not be permitted, In the afternoon, the parking will only be accessible on foot (from 5 p.m.) and by vehicle (from 2 p.m.), and in both cases only for residents.

The same sources explained that the teaching activity and the arrival of the families of the students of the Baldere Rexak School will be able to develop “naturally”, but the activities in the school “They have to finish at six in the afternoon.”.

Inside the park, restrictions continued for several days and were tightened on Wednesday due to rehearsals for the show. Ticket sales to tourists have stopped and parts such as the Hypostyle Hall have been completely closed.

A handful of symbolic scenarios

Louis Vuitton, which employs 1,800 people in six Catalan leather workshops, has decided to introduce its latest product. Cruise group. In Barcelona because the Catalan capital will host the 37th America’s Cup Sailing Championship this fall, of which it is a sponsor.

The site was actually designed by Antoni Gaudí It was the scene of a Paco Rabanne fashion show in 1970 A few photographs were taken there, although none of them were on the level of Louis Vuitton.

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With the show held on Thursday, the Catalan Park joins the list of emblematic places where the French company has shown, such as Museum of Contemporary Art in NiteroiTo brazil, Prince’s Palace from monaco,Beautiful island Italy or evenJohn F. Kennedy International Airport From New York.

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