Farewell to Dominique Lapierre, the life he led to the last of them: Arriving in the United States with 30 dollars and meeting Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Farewell to Dominique Lapierre, the life he led to the last of them: Arriving in the United States with 30 dollars and meeting Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Farewell author of the battles for the freedom of entire peoples who helped fund dispensaries, schools and medical centers to combat leprosy and tuberculosis. The world mourns his passing Dominic Lapierre, a French writer who died at the age of 91 in a retirement home. Lapierre had fallen into a coma after a fall in June 2012, and he gradually lost his ability to do so. to write and use a word. The disappearance was confirmed by “Mondadori”, his historical publishing house in Italy. Leave the wife Dominic Cochon and daughter Alexandraalso a writer living between Italy and France, author above all historical novels.

Born in 1931, he wrote most of his works with Larry Collins, a young American corporal known after joining the French army as a recruit. A portion of his earnings during his bookselling career went to a charitable foundation he founded with his wife City of Joywhich later became the title of one of his most famous novels.City of joyIt has sold over 10 million copies and has been translated into forty languages. Best Seller tells the survival story of the residents of one of India’s poorest suburbs. The book also became a movie by Roland Joffé in 1992.

Your novels “Paris Is Burning?” (1965), Jerusalem! Jerusalem!’ (1972) and “Rainbow in the Night” (2008). His latest work dates back to 2012 with “The last will be the first.” Always beside the last of these, during his long and fruitful career, Lapierre met Mother Teresa of Calcutta and in India Together with his wife Dominique, he founded the Action pour les enfants des lépreux de Calcutta Association, donating half of the royalties to support kindergartens and centers against leprosy and tuberculosis.

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his first novel, One dollar thousand kilometerspublishes it in 1949. A few months earlier, at the age of 17, he had barely left Paris 30 bucks in your pocket. He takes a ship, works on it, and then, once in the USA, travels 30,000 miles along the American continent to set up his first job. Subsequently, he was hired by the French magazine Paris Match (with which he collaborated for 14 years) which allowed him to travel all over the world and meet leaders such as de Gaulle, Ben-Gurion, John Paul II and Nelson Mandela.

Then the intersection with Larry CollinsKnown in Years of Military Service: A Friendship and Collaboration That Led to His First Bestseller, Is Paris burning?published in 1965, chronicles the novel—with which the film is homonymous Renee Clement – in which the authors reconstruct, through secret papers found in German archives, period documents, decrees, minutes, and witness recollections, why Hitler’s order to burn Paris and save the city was not carried out.

After, after Holy Jerusalem! Another international success the pair signed, Lapierre on the advice of his master, Raymond Cartier, decided to focus on India. Hence the long trek on the trail GandhiOnboard an old woman Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud: It is the beginning of a long love story, from which freedom will be born tonight, an epic story about the struggle for India’s independence, signed with Collins.

In 1981 he founded, with Reverend James Stephen, a Humane Society for the benefit of children affected by leprosy on the outskirts of Calcutta, supported by proceeds from his literary successes. In Calcutta Lapierre also became a close associate of the Mother Teresa which granted him the exclusive right to make a film about her life and the work of her sisters, Missionaries of Charity. The latest project coveted by Dominique Lapierre is the Asha Pahvan Center which receives more than 300 disabled children and adolescents from the outskirts of Calcutta.

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