Thirteenth lowest salary this year? How Much Pay Shrink Between Most Expensive Bills And Mortgages

Thirteenth lowest salary this year?  How Much Pay Shrink Between Most Expensive Bills And Mortgages

a Thirteenth lighter. sum in Salary Which remain the same – in fact, for some higher than 2% – but immediately end up with unforeseen expenses. From Dear bills to me Mortgages More expensive, pass through payment taxes And taxes, lol additional salary December is likely to be lighter.

high costs due toinflation (from bills to mortgages and depreciation) and taxes will reduce the positive impact of the Christmas bonus, he explains codacon. Whoever does some math and notices that more money will be spent on bills, taxes, and mortgages than on bills Consume or because i savings. A change of direction compared to the habits of the past years, and this is certainly due to the high prices.

How much money will the thirteenth bring?

The total value of the thirteenth It should amount to around 47 billion euros, according to estimates from the consumer association. The extra paycheck will go to 34 million employees and retirees. Altogether, given Irpf’s holdings, the net stake should be around €35 ​​billion.

How the thirteenth month is spent: bills of exchange and mortgages

But how will this money be spent? The 25% of the thirteenthThis year, will be used to pay Mortgage payments, rents and even loans. It is certain that the increase is also due to the acceleration of variable mortgage rates as a result of the decisions of the European Central Bank and monthly payments that are becoming more expensive.

But the biggest impact on the thirteenth will be above all Dear bills: for utility rates you will spend 33% birthday bonusIn a sharp increase compared to the past: in 2021 it was 22%. Instead, 20% of the 13th month will be used for payment Various taxes, fees and levies.

Thirteenth between consumption, savings and Christmas expenses

22% of the salary You will enter instead Consume of various kinds, but also in savings From Italian families. Then there is another chapter Christmas expenses. There is strong uncertainty among consumers, perhaps worried about the energy crisis and high bills. Moreover, many expected Christmas gifts along with Black Friday.

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On the other hand there is concern for inflationso much so that one in three families—Codacons estimate—are ready for it reduce consumption during the holidays. How? Definitely reduce spending on gifts, decorations and services. While it seems likely that the slight reduction on nutrients. Food cannot be touched at Christmas.

Moreover, it is Codacons that are always reporting 2022 price hikes for Christmas expensesbased on Christmas trees, lights and decorations: Total spending may rise by 25% compared to last year. The increases will be 40% on the purchase of trees, 25% on lights and 20% on globes and decorations. For total spending 25% higher than it was in 2021.

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