Ilary Blasey on vacation with Michelle Hunziker. But in St. Moritz there is also her new boyfriend, Bastien. Dream vacation details

Ilary Blasey on vacation with Michelle Hunziker.  But in St. Moritz there is also her new boyfriend, Bastien.  Dream vacation details

Ilary Blasey I traveled to St. Moritz to celebrate the Immaculate Conception. With her and her friend Michelle Hunziker and their daughters. Also with them is Bastian, a German businessman who is the new boyfriend of Francesco Totti’s ex-wife, who was going to introduce her to Hunziker. If so, this will be their second vacation together, this time with little Isabelle, the daughter of the previous letter and Totti, also present.

Ilary Blasey, who is Bastien’s new boyfriend? The secret of the selfie: Totti’s “revenge”.

Ilary Blasey, second vacation with Bastian?

Until now, the presenter of Isola dei Famosi loves to share every moment of her days and even on this holiday she did not spare herself. From the arrival at the ski resort to the pictures of the snowy scenery, the entrance to the hotel where he will spend the weekend, his wonderful room with a panoramic view adjoining the mountains, everything can be seen in the stories of the former Mrs. Totti.

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Nothing strange yet, it is a pity that Francesco Totti’s ex-wife has become the heroine of a real social misstep. And given that her profile now has over two million followers, Ilary can now be defined as an influencer. Followers who increase their sponsorship are equated to brands and companies. So even this holiday Ilary seems to have signed important business contracts.

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The social slip

In the story where he showed his room, his ex Letrina de Passaparola clearly wrote that he was #suppliedby (hence sponsored content). The contents of Ilary have been provided by the Swiss Tourist Board, which provides pointers on what to show or what to write.

But in Plassey’s story, there’s one element too much, and the most attentive didn’t miss it: copy-and-paste maybe! got out of control. In fact, between the tags and the hashtag, there are capital letters that read “GEOTAG St. Moritz”. The partner might have been pointing at her here most likely to mark where to host her, but in her haste, Ellary must have run away, and made a misstep.

Dream vacation

Ilary is staying in the gorgeous Hotel Kulm, a block for (at least) €1,200 a night. for the basic room. One of the finest wellness centers in the Swiss city, the Kulm Hotel is a top-notch wellness center, signature cuisine, a state-of-the-art gym, and many other activities.

On the other hand, Michelle Hunziker did her homework really well. She is also in St. Moritz since Wednesday afternoon, showing the snowy landscapes of Switzerland in her stories without forgetting to mark the tourism board. Hunziker is understandably chosen as the representative of Italian tourism in Switzerland, and so she finds herself at the affluent ski resort with her friend Ilary, who never fails to show her stories.

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