Passenger opens the plane’s emergency exit and exits the video booth

Passenger opens the plane’s emergency exit and exits the video booth

Passenger on a flight United Airlines He was arrested for opening an emergency hatch and sliding off the wing of a moving aircraft after landing in Chicago. Flight 2478 that arrived from San Diego landed at O’Hare International Airport at about 4.30 a.m. and was driving a taxi to the gate when, according to a New York Post report, the man opened the door, got on the wing, and slid down the runway. Our ground crew stopped the off-flight passenger who was handed over to law enforcement. The plane continued to reach the gate where everyone landed safely.”

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A surreal moment recounted by the witnesses who were on the ship with the man and witnessed the scene. Including Marilyn Eggleston who took and posted a photo of the man’s escape with wide open fire and told Wgn News, “I think everyone on the plane was just shocked at that scene. I heard the passengers screaming ‘No, no, no’ and then I saw him come out of the hatch and get up.” to the wing.” The flight attendants also came running and asking what’s going on. “The passenger did not even leave the emergency exit near his seat – Eaglestone confirmed – but passed from one side of the plane to the other, climbing over four people.”

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