Over 868 tons of CO2 saved annually through Viladecavalls Climate Project — Viladecavalls City Council

Over 868 tons of CO2 saved annually through Viladecavalls Climate Project — Viladecavalls City Council

Our municipality continues to expand the Viladecavalls Clima programme, a project promoted by the City Council that aims to promote a range of environmental measures. Among these measures, throughout the last quarter of 2023, several measures were completed that had a significant impact on energy spending in our municipality.

Specifically, two new photovoltaic power plants were launched with equipment: one with a capacity of 55 kW, at the Municipal Music School of Pau Casals, making it possible to generate 80,550 kWh per year and saving the production of 37.7 tons of CO2.2 And 12 thousand euros annually; On the other hand, the 17 kW panels installed in the children's home of the municipality of Roque Blanc, which produce 23,200 kWh per year, avoid the production of 11.13 tons of carbon dioxide.2 It represents a saving of €3,480 per year. These works include the anticipated implementation of a third 36 kW plant in the Baku Kano Civic Center during the first quarter of 2024, with an estimated generation capacity of 59,200 kWh and an annual saving of 27.82 tons of CO2.2 I 5.140 euros.

At the same time, there is also the replacement of gas boilers with biomass boilers in several municipal facilities, such as the one planned to be installed during the first semester of 2024 to provide service to the Rock Plank School and the Paco Kano Civic Center, saving 56.7 tons of CO22 And 55,800 euros annually. In addition, an additional 38.62 tons of carbon dioxide is also expected to be saved2 And 4,850 euros per year with the boiler that will be placed in the municipal sports area in the heart of the urban area. These works will be accompanied by the process of formulating and approving biomass boiler installation projects in the Can Trias sports area; From the photovoltaic panels at Rosella School and in the future performing arts space, and the photovoltaic pergolas linked to electric car charging points in the Orenets Street car park.

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All these measures are part of the Municipal Energy Transformation Plan and are added to the facilities already in place, such as the biomass boiler for the Music School and the Rosella School, the photovoltaic roofs for the Town Hall, the Library, the Can Corbera Civic Center and the Municipal Swimming Pool.

Improvements in general lighting

The third phase of the major change in public lighting project, which included the renovation of 1,236 lighting points with LED technology, has been completed. This measure saved 244 tons of carbon dioxide2In addition to 507,000 kWh and 76,000 euros per year. During the first half of 2024, the second measure will be taken to improve the electrical systems in control panels and wiring.

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