A report by Huobi revealed that the cryptocurrency market is more mature in these two countries

A report by Huobi revealed that the cryptocurrency market is more mature in these two countries

bitcoins (bitcoin) and cryptocurrencies are used by only 13.7% of Americans; However, they generate the largest trading volume. the last Data collected by Huobi Exchange confirm it In 2022, the United States will become the largest cryptocurrency market.Mature.

The United States and Vietnam are the most mature markets

Despite the bear market, interest in cryptocurrencies remains high globally. In its latest annual report, Huobi Research revealed this The United States accounts for 9.2% of the volume on the central exchanges. But when it comes to DeFi, the numbers are much higher: 31.8% of the volume.

However, the percentage of the population using cryptocurrencies is not as high as in other jurisdictions. 13.7% of Americans use cryptocurrency, compared to 20.3% in Vietnamthe flagship among the 15 countries examined.

The level of development of the different cryptocurrency markets. Source: hubi

all in all, The United States has the highest natural score for “cryptocurrency market maturity level, Much larger than any other country. The second country on the list is Vietnam, with a score of 35 against 91.9 for the United States.

However, Vietnam is the country withHighest adoption rate for cryptocurrency. Moreover, the business landscape of both South Korea and Japan isvery active:

“Japan and South Korea contributed huge exchange traffic. Specifically, South Korea ranked second with a volume of 7.4% in Asia, while Japan ranked sixth with a volume of 3.85%.”

The countries with the lowest maturity rate are China, Singapore, and South Korea, with scores of 5.9, 9.4, and 14.5, respectively.

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The level of maturity of different crypto markets. Source: hubi

Surprisingly, Singapore’s scores are so low, given that cryptocurrencies are accepted in the country both as a technology and at an organizational level. Hobby books:

“Singapore has become a major destination for tech startups, attracting a large number of innovators and unicorn companies. Obviously, there are also crypto companies among them. […]

Singapore maintains a high level of tolerance and openness towards the cryptocurrency industry: regulations are being enforced, but there is still a lot of room for innovation.”

However, the report specifies Only 4.9% of Singapore’s population trades in cryptocurrenciescontributes only 0.8% of the volumes on the centralized exchanges.

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