They present the new edition of the Grec Barcelona Festival 2024

They present the new edition of the Grec Barcelona Festival 2024

One of them was submitted this afternoon The new edition of the Barcelona Greek Festivalwhich will be held from June 26 to August 4 with an intensive program 81 shows and more than 50 activities. They participated in the show Barcelona Mayor Jaume Colboni, Culture and Creative Industries Consultant, Xavier MarcyAnd festival director Cesc Casadesus.

The Barcelona Greek Festival is proposed this year A celebration of local talentwith the artists he helped grow and now make Barcelona's mark in the world, and at the same time, pays tribute to World masters of the performing arts.

The Greek Theater space will be reserved exclusively for Representatives of the Barcelona and Catalan scenewith artists and companies strongly associated with the festivals of recent years: Silvia Pérez Cruz, La Veronal, La Brutale, Dagul Dagom or Barro Deville, among others.

In addition, the Greek leads to Barcelona Big names on the international theatrical scene Such as Angelica Liddell, Lola Arias, Christian Gatahi, Nat Randall, Anna Bracon, Jan Lauers or Krzysztof Warlikowski, in an exceptional and high-quality programme, with a clear feminine tone and in collaboration with the Avignon Festival.

The festival will reach the entire city Thanks to co-productions with different rooms that invite you to listen to stories: “Tirant lo Blanc” by Joan Arqué; “All the Birds” by Wagdy Moawad, directed by Oriol Broji; Or Catalan-composed texts such as Malamort, by Daniela Vixas; Or Les Mans, by Llàtzer García, among others.

During the presentation, the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jaume Colboni, stated that the arrival of this event is A moment of happiness in the city“Every Greek is distinctive, each edition represents a renewed invitation to discover new scenic proposals, while maintaining the character of the festival.” Colboni congratulated and thanked the Greek festival director, Ceske Kasadesos, for the past eight years, highlighting the excellent work he has done at the helm of the festival as well as his unwavering commitment to Barcelona’s talent.

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This was also stated by the city mayor The Greek is no stranger to the social and political moment in which we livewhich becomes “a symbol and a reality for the defense of freedom of expression and creativity, a culture with roots and cosmopolitanism, the equality of men and women, and a Barcelona and Catalonia linked to Spain, Europe and the world.”

They are presented together 36 co-productions Which includes all types and multiple construction support programs.

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