He is obsessed with electricity

He is obsessed with electricity

What is required to complete the mobile park's electrification Mossos de Escodra? More electrified units but also more charging points. The last must arrive before the first. In the event of a recovery, the electrification of a significant portion of the mobile fleet of security and emergency services should have a positive impact on the population's perception of these services. Vehicles And who are called to dominate if the European Union's expectations do not fail.

175 charging points

Thus, the state agreed to publish the tender scheduled for the end of this week to contract for the supply service and implement the installation of electric vehicle charging points in 70 buildings attached to the state. police From Generalitat – Mossos d'Esquadra and Building 112 in Reus. It is a multi-year tender with a total amount of 7,602,841.81 euros. A total of 175 charging points will be activated in outdoor parking lots within the enclosed perimeter of the police buildings.


Based on environmental policies aimed at reducing these emissions, the Ministry of Interior has set the priority of starting to prepare this infrastructure of charging points. Specifically, it will be for hybrid electric vehicles Hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and for battery electric vehicles (BEV/EV). Of the total planned charging points, there will be 143 AC charging points with two bases with an output power of 22 kW each. The remaining 32 points, with one plug socket, will see their power increased to 50 kW.

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