Tira Emara: Yilmaz presents a performance of two beads, and here’s which one is

Tira Emara: Yilmaz presents a performance of two beads, and here’s which one is

Although the husband Sabah Al-Din Arkan Follow Favorite He will decide to withdraw the divorce application due to the arrogant attitude of his cousin Demir (Murat Unalmesh) the fickle Şermin Yemen Sibel Taccioglu will definitely not stop facing economic problems in the next few years Italian Rings From earth time. For this, Yilmaz Akaya (Uğur Güneş) will try to take advantage of the situation that will happen to put a rod in the enemy’s wheel again…

Tera Amara, Al Khobar: Sermon and Continuing Economic Problems

Sabah al-Din gives up on divorce when Demir stops paying her daughter’s tuition fees Petul (Ilida Jivek); At this point, the doctor will find no choice but to submit to Yemen’s will, although he will immediately make it clear that he will end their marriage once the girl graduates.

After that, Sabah Al-Din will leave the country of Yemen and try to rebuild his life away from his family. However, as the episodes pass, Şermin will continue to face great economic difficulties, which will become more apparent when some of Cukurova’s merchants refuse to allow her some purchases with the promise that she will pay off the debt at a later time…

Terra Amara, plots of land: Demir wants to buy a house Şermin

The first time the problem appears, he will think to solve the uncomfortable situation fson (Lillis Dogramasilar), who will not hesitate to pay for some clothes in place of her friend. But the truth is that Yemen will be bankrupt, even if Sabah al-Din sells his car to avoid foreclosure on the house, and he will think that it is better to ask for a loan from Demir again.

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In the course of the dialogue to be created, Demir will show his true face for the thousandth time and, having refused a loan to Şermin, will say that he is willing to give her cash only if he sells his house to him at a price below its actual value. On the condition that the woman will not be able to accept him in any way and this will allow Yilmaz to “interfere” in the matter…

Spoiler Terra Amara: Yilmaz wants to buy Şermin . property

Oh yes: Once he learns from Sabah al-Din the economic problems facing ermin, Yilmaz will say he is willing to buy the house in question (and the land that is part of the estate inherited from his deceased father). Akaya will want to carry out this trade to further annoy Demir, as Sabah al-Din will entrust him not to evict him when he becomes the new owner.

Since he will be very angry with Demir for the means he used to get him to give up the divorce, Sabah al-Din will give him the green light. But will Yemen accept, and above all, how will Demir take him if the plan is realized? Other developments for Terra amara on Telegram.

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