June 11, 2023

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Claudia Motta leaves the island, her boyfriend Simon Ruggiati is controversial: the only great one, she took a risk

Simone Rugiati, a famous chef who has become famous thanks to television, controversially comments on the retirement of his girlfriend Claudia Motta, who was forced to leave the island of the famous after being injured.

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Claudia Mota LeaveFamous Island. Due to the injury, Model had to retire a few weeks after the match. It was Ilary Blassie who broadcasted the news of the withdrawal live on Al Jazeera during the Tuesday, May 2nd episode. Shortly afterwards, Claudia herself took to social media to confirm that it was impossible to continue her journey due to serious health reasons. As you know, Claudia was the victim of an accident. During a fishing trip on the island, the model slipped and hit her head on a rock, resulting in a head injury. That is why the doctors forced her to leave the island.

Claudia Motta: “Blow to the Head”

Claudia, unlike her boyfriend Simon, went back to social media and explained what happened in a calm tone. “If you miss me so much, you can just say so and avoid that smack in the headhe joked,It was a short but intense experience, and I still had a lot to give that definitely wasn’t necessary. Thank you all for the messages of closeness and support that I have received from the first moment I set foot on this beachThen the model concludes:I hope you take with you a beautiful memory of Claudia, because Claudia will always have beautiful and indelible memories of you. For me, it is just the beginning of a beautiful journey of exchange, knowledge, support and love with you. a hug“.

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Simone Ruggatti: “Do you know how real head trauma is?”

Less calm Simon who, according to the post on the official profile of the island, to communicate officially Claudia backed offhe wrote: “Run your mind before writing, please. If only one of you knew what really happened. He knew the pain, the collar, the real extent of the head injury. But Claudia doesn’t care about this because her head is harder than a rock. But today, doctors told her she had to leave as a precaution. He took a big risk to catch some fish for the group. Maybe not the “small”, but the only big one. Sorry but some of the comments make me want to say it like it is“.

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