“The hands-on, that ended up on the floor” – Libero Quotidiano

“The hands-on, that ended up on the floor” – Libero Quotidiano

Tensions between Vittorio Sgarbi and Giampero Moghini on the stage of Maurizio Costanzo’s Theatre. TvBlog’s anticipation, also addressed by Dagospia later, indicates a real brawl in front of the cameras, with two energetic opinion-makers and all-rounders going so far as to get their hands on themselves, in front of Costanzo and the other guests in the theater watching them with wide eyes.

According to TvBlog, the physical confrontation occurred during the taping of the show on Tuesday afternoon. Instead, the episode will be broadcast on Wednesday evening, but it is not known at the present time whether the scene will be broadcast or subject to censorship. The tension arose because of the controversy over the war in Ukraine and the situation in Russia. For my little ones to have the worst, they end up on the floor. In images shown exclusively by Dagospia, Mughini appears dangerously on Sgarbi, who reacts between fear and surprise by extending his hands forward. So call, salon stuff.

Between the two of the word is not the first time the debate has ended in blows. Legendary precedent in May 2019, when at Tonight Italy in Rete 4, the two began kicking and shoving each other under the gaze of Maria Giovanna Magli. Obviously, it’s all seasoned with curses of all kinds, from “a piece of shit” to “I’m going to kick you in the c***”. Obviously, to end the score-settling, a second round was necessary.

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