Don Matteo 13 has been suspended for Eurovision competition. Don Massimo loves him more and more

Don Matteo 13 has been suspended for Eurovision competition.  Don Massimo loves him more and more

Don Matteo 13 It has been suspended, even if the last episode aired Thursday May 5th on Rai 1 Don Massimo, aka Raul BovaFinally, he made his way into everyone’s hearts.

Don Matteo 13 stuck when he came back

To tell the truth, we won’t have to wait long to see what happens to Don Massimo, Captain Cecchini (Nino Frasica) and above all to know if Capitana (Anna Maria Janetta) and Nardi (Maurizio Lustrico) are destined to get back together. Indeed, Don Matteo 13 jump but only for a week, To give space to Eurovision Which will be held in Turin and sees Blanco and Mahmoud compete with goosebumps. There is great anticipation to see if the pair can match Maneskin’s success last year.

But let’s get to Don Matteo 13. Programming will resume the following week with a double date, Tuesday 17 and Thursday 19 May, again on Rai 1 in prime time.

Don Matteo 13Don Massimo convinces

Meanwhile, the episode just aired, innocenttriumphs as usual in the ratings, with 6.2 million viewers sticking to TV, the equivalent of 30% share. The series has been confirmed again The most watched show of the evening. The success is so great that even Celebrity Island He decides to change his day so as not to compete with a sacred beast that is Don Mateo. And Passing the baton from Terrence Hill to Raul Buva It didn’t seem to cause any serious shocks. The audience became fond of Don Massimo, Overcome the last suspicions towards him.

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After all, even Cecchini is getting used to it and has broken the ice by inviting him to play chess, even if he prefers Briscola. On the other hand, he did not leave him jokes such as: “Who do you think you are, Don Mateo?”. Or when the captain took the liberty to give him a complement: “The priest was right,” the Marshal’s reply was emphatic: “It’s not without Matteo“.

Don Matteo 13 Arrival of Giancarlo Magali

But then even when Don Massimo loses faith in himself, enlightenment arrives and Even Natalina Understand and relate to it. And also thanks to the interview the priest had with his bishop, Only Giancarlo Magali played itwho tells him about a petition against him but also invites him to continue in his office.

Even the audience applauds and praises jostling on Twitter: “The whole church and I’m crying Don’t do the maximum yes, I’m really starting to love him“.”Don Massimo He’s not Don Mateo and we all know him but me Raul Bova loves her so much in this role. He played the role really well and I love the way they describe his story.” “I’m starting to honestly love a Don Massimo.” “Don Massimo for me is a big yes. Raul Bova is not disappointing, they have chosen the right person to replace Don Matteo in the best possible way without spoiling the series.”

Don Matteo 13complex texture

Raul Bova He has literally conquered everyone and the characters’ affection for Don Massimo is the same that viewers have for him. But the plot of the episode is more complicated. Indeed, at the same time, the emotional entanglement and misunderstanding that contribute to his usual Cecchini creation are not wasted. In fact, only when Federico He begins to hope that something will be born between him and Greta, and the girl appears to be approaching another partner. Siskini, on the other hand, understands that Valentina She’s dating a man much older than her and decides to find out who he is: but she doesn’t know he’s narcissistic. He and Valentina will do their best not to let Cecchini find out the truth, and even Anna, in spite of herself, will find herself lying to keep up.

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