The woman who recorded a video of the assault of 4 boys claims in court that they “…

The woman who recorded a video of the assault of 4 boys claims in court that they “…

“What they did to me was not normal. They tortured me and said things in my ear that I didn't even understand. When I asked for help it was worse. My world fell; I didn't trust anyone.” This is what Ignacio Andres said before the Barcelona court, which began the trial of one of them on Monday A corporal and three agents of the Mossos d'EsquadraThe prosecution is demanding that he be imprisoned for 8 and a half years and disqualified for 16 years For unlawfully assaulting this young man and arresting him with a racist aggravation, on November 13, 2020 in Ciutat Vela, with the coronavirus curfew in effect. They are also accused falsifying police report, Where they confirmed The disturbed young man assaulted them and they accused him of two minor crimes: injury and assault on authority. The trial began with watching the video, in which the victim's cries for help were heard, in addition to insulting the officers and accusing them of torturing him. The video's owner, a resident of the neighborhood, confirmed to the court that the police's actions were “extremely violent,” especially those carried out by the corporal. They caused him great pain. How did they manipulate his body on the ground?” He confirmed that they kept him like this for fifteen minutes, according to the witness. The neighbor also indicated that The Catalan police made him delete the videos. The detainee's two friends also approved the controversial arrest of the officers.

The young man, who declared himself protected by an oath, explained that that night they were stopped by the Mossos patrol for the first time, and that they “politely” asked them to return home quickly due to the pandemic curfew. As they were walking down Carrer No de Dulce Street, a second Catalan police patrol stopped Ignacio Andres and his two friends, and placed them facing a wall. The victim indicated that the corporal arrived “annoyed” and told him that they had to look for a boy who had taken 5 euros from them. The young man explained: “The corporal got upset and told me that I was not a fortune teller, so he hit me twice in the face, which stunned me, and he threw me to the ground.”

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Affected teeth

When the prosecutor asked him, he denied attacking any of the four officers. “I was on the ground and I was moving, and I felt weak,” the young man said, explaining that he now understood the insults. He was arrested and taken to Les Courts police station. “I couldn't trust anyone,” the boy insisted when asked what he told the coroner, that he was sad. The neighbor confirmed that the corporal threw him and hit his head on the ground, causing one of his teeth to fall out, and then he began to suffer from other problems in his mouth.

The main video is invalidated

Before that, and in the context of the previous questions, the agents’ defense team asked the court Section 7a of the Barcelona Court What Video dismissed from trial Who condemns them. They detailed this video “It has been edited and manipulated“, according to a report by Mosos newspaper. They specify that the video was uploaded to Instagram and lasts for 13 minutes, which is about two minutes longer than their video Six original videos of the assault Recorded by the neighbor. They add that the testimony no longer contains part of the original videos and has not been contributed to the investigation, which is why they demand that it not be taken as evidence. president of the court, jose grau, He refused to expel the video by verifying this “It's not illegal evidence.” Hence, no fundamental right was violated, as they claimed.

In addition, defense attorneys also explained that clients Each of them contributed €850 One for the court's account Coverage of 3,400 euros that the prosecutor's office Claim them as Civil responsibility For the young man who was assaulted. With this procedure, the officers, if convicted, want to obtain a mitigation of damages. The President also stated to the defense that if they wanted to consider this as mitigation, no refunds would be made, and the agents accepted that. Iridia asks for compensation 20,000 euros.

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Required penalties

Specifically, the Attorney General's Office is asking each of the agents Imprisonment for 4 years for the crime of forgery; – 3 years imprisonment for the crime of injury; 6 months in prison For a crime illegal detention, I 18 months in prison For committing a crime against moral honour. The popular accusation carried out by Iridia raises the penalty request to up to 15 years in prison and 22 years in deprivation For each of the four agents. The Ministry of Interior suspended the corporal from his salary and work for a year and a half, on charges of slapping the young man and holding him to the ground, in addition to issuing a false certificate of assaulting them.

In the first session, private and popular accusations – on the part of Heredia – demanded that an expert report submitted by a client not be accepted because it was drawn up by a former Catalan police officer and did not have the appropriate title.

The first session of the trial ended at 3:15 pm and continues today, Tuesday, with more witnesses testifying. The accused officers will testify at the end of the trial, expected on Thursday.

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