Sex blackmail at Westminster, where an MP admits leaking colleagues' phones

Concern and uproar in the British Parliament about Personal data leak A number of MPs, advisors and journalists in an alleged cybercrime case, which may include sexual blackmail of an MP.

The case was revealed after the MP's confession William WraggParliamentarian since 2015 Conservative Partycurrently the party that rules the country.

Wragg has confessed to the newspaper times He revealed the phone numbers of some of his colleagues to an unknown user who contacted him through a dating application Grindr.

The deputy said that he exchanged messages with this person who called himself CharlieAnd he agreed to send her a candid picture of himself.

“They gave up on things about me, and they wouldn't leave me alone. They asked me for people. I gave them some numbers, but not all of them, and told them to stop.”

Wragg has apologized. He stated that he feltsacred” I “to treat“And that's why he ended up giving up:

“I'm so sorry that my weakness hurt other people.”

Conservative MP William Wragg appears in Parliament in Westminster (Reuters)

As revealed by digital POLITICOFrom here, the phone numbers of those affected will be contacted through an unknown number on WhatsApp.

Seconds POLITICOUp to 12 men were implicated in the case, including MPs, journalists, parliamentary advisers and even a current British government minister. All of them have received Loud messages or images with sexually explicit contentTwo of those contacted would have responded with explicit photos of themselves.

but that is not all. Second deputy, Luke EvansHe also admitted to receiving explicit messages on his phone. It was denounced by conservative politician W police It is being investigated as another attempt to “Phishing and malicious communications“Directed against politicians and their environment.

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Suspicions of hackers

In addition to the police as well Intelligence services The British launched an investigation to find out who was behind these attacks and for what purpose they were carried out.

The matter is also being investigated by the British Parliament, which has expressed concern about MPs being subjected to acts such as Cyber ​​attacks or extortion. The Chamber also provided support and advice to any of those affected.

Some politicians suggested that a foreign country might be behind the attacks. Chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, Governor Alicia CairnsHe went so far as to point to third countries as potentially responsible.

The former leader of the Conservative Party also followed the same line Ian Duncanwhich was the victim of another cyber attack a few weeks ago, allegedly orchestrated by organizations linked to China.

However, some experts argue that the hypothesis of cybercriminals simply wanting to profit from a data breach is more plausible.

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