China bans US Micron chips over ‘security risks’

China bans US Micron chips over ‘security risks’

China has shut down US chip maker Micron over “serious cyber security risks” after reviewing products sold in the country. By doing so, operators of major IT infrastructures will have to stop buying Micron products, the National Cyber ​​Security Regulatory Authority said in the evening.

In March, China announced the move by Micron, the largest US maker of memory chips, to protect its IT supply chain and national security. The refusal adds more tension to Sino-US relations.

This is China’s first decision to ban an American technology maker. Damage is important to the company: II What the Financial Times writes For Micron, mainland China and Hong Kong account for 25% of the revenue.

The US government introduced a set of new rules last fall that require manufacturers to obtain a license from the Department of Commerce to export semiconductor and chip-making equipment to Chinese companies.

The Netherlands and Japan also decided to tighten the screws. The English financial newspaper quoted some analysts as saying that in light of the growing trade tension between the United States and China, which is now called the “chip war”, it was very likely that Micron would be the first target as its technology could easily be. They were replaced by South Korean competitors such as Samsung and SK Hynix.

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