A kidnapping brings down a drug trafficking group in Lleida

Mossos d’Esquadra forces arrested 8 people accused of belonging to A criminal group exported marijuana hidden in air fryer pallets. They worked in at least four occupied industrial warehouses in the Lleida areas, where 393 kilograms of drugs were confiscated.

The investigation began on January 25, when the Mossos family received a complaint of a person being assaulted in the middle of the street in Lleida and Kidnapped for two days.

The victim was an employee of the criminal network, who was accused by some members of the organization of disloyalty because they believed in him. Responsible for drug theft They suffered a few days ago at the hands of a rival gang.

During his detention, they assaulted him and threatened to kill him until he returned the 200,000 euros for which the stolen drugs were valued. Finally, they released him with the commitment that he was able to find out the identity of the person who was planning the coup.

Marijuana logistics center

Once the motive for the kidnapping was clarified, the Mossos focused their efforts on dismantling the group’s structure. They verified that they were supplied with marijuana grown in Catalonia, and that, on board the ships, they packed and camouflaged it among legal cargo, such as air fryers.

Police explained that the group was operating a marijuana center set up in the Lleida demarcation from which it operated Five logistics companies Formed with the advent of legitimacy.

In addition, they subcontracted the transportation process Drivers who are not connected to criminal activity. They were monitored by geolocators and members of the intermediate group discreetly escorted them to the final destination of the medicine: Germany, France, Italy and Romania.

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Eight were arrested and twelve searched in Ponent and Valles

On Tuesday, the Mossos family published a police operation and made an arrest Five men and three womenThey were aged between 24 and 51, for alleged offenses relating to drug trafficking, criminal organisation, kidnapping, injury and violent robbery.

Officers also conducted dozens of inspections and searches in Lleida, Vilanova de la Barca and Rossellóin Segrià, and Roca del Vallesin Valles Oriental, where money, vehicles, documents and stamps were used to conceal the shipments.

That day, they confiscated 278 kilograms of marijuana buds inside a cache on one of the registered ships. In March and April, 55 kilograms of drugs were already introduced Girona And another 60 kilos In Pont de Suert.

Mossos estimates that the value of the 393 kilograms of marijuana seized during the operation rises to Approximately 2.5 million euros in the illicit market In Catalonia, a value that can double or triple on the European black market.

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