The whole truth about the crisis with Buffon

The whole truth about the crisis with Buffon

Ellaria D’Amico Finally breaking the silence about the alleged crisis with Gigi Buffon That has been talked about a lot in recent months. “He wanted to deny it, but I told him: in a month they would rewrite it and if you don’t deny it again at that point it seems to be true. – The presenter explained to F-. We were always together, with the paparazzi often under the house in Parma and Milan, but those pictures never showed up. There has to be a mechanism that the gossip newspapers follow: For a while the pictures were coming out of us kissing, and another while I was always pregnant. Then the crisis. We are now in the moment of overcoming the crisis.”

The truth of marriage

Together since 2014, Gigi Buffon E Ellaria D’Amico They are not married yet but are already called husband and wife. “I’ve never felt marriage was such a necessary step. I think, when that happens, it’s going to be a romantic party. He always says, ‘Let’s do it when I stop playing.'” And I: “Look, I do not intend to marry with a stick.”D’Amico, who will soon be back on TV, said with a New show on Rai Due After a long rest. Gigi is a very generous man: when the rai came he said to me, ‘I see you come alive, go ahead, that’s the right thing. “But I know these years have been beautiful and easier for him. To be able to live a little bit of everyday life. For us it is almost impossible when we both work. Even lockdown was a magical moment for us.”

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Buffon is fine

Unlike other colleagues Gigi Buffon He has no intention of saying goodbye to the ball. “He’s fine, he has oneIncredible ability to self-preserve.It feeds on the enthusiasm of the audience. Now he still feels like a football player, he is good at normalizing the mood of the team, gets his hands dirty without being a teacher. Although we sometimes laugh because he often plays with the children of his former friends and colleagues: see Thuram and Chiesa”, Ilaria captivated D’Amico and then added: “I am often asked, ‘Does it still make sense for the family? “It is true that it is not easy to be close to each other A tribe like oursBut I think our bond is very strong precisely because we both put in a lot of effort to make sure it happens as much as possible.”

‘A complex family to manage’

“Gigi and I have a complicated family that we have to manage – Then he summoned Ellaria D’AmicoFrom Monday to Thursday I live in a city and on the weekends we are in Parma where Gigi plays and where we stay home. And if you take two children to school in Turin and two children to Milan … “. The couple has a six-year-old son. Leopoldo Mattia. The footballer is also the father of Louis Thomas, 14, and David Lee, 12, from his previous marriage. Alina Seredova. Pietro, 12, was born from a relationship between D’Amico and Rocco Atesani.

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