Aurora Ramazzotti relaxing in the mountains with Goffredo Serza

Aurora Ramazzotti relaxing in the mountains with Goffredo Serza

Short Vacation in the Friulian Dolomites for Michelle Hunziker’s Daughter and Boyfriend Waiting for Baby

In the snaps the two friends posted to their Instagram profiles, Aurora and Goffredo look more in love than ever and in perfect harmony. Together they walk long distances in the colorful autumn forests and then the expectant mother enjoys a warm bath in the bathtub while reading a book.

The “disorders” of the first pregnancy
However, in a post on Instagram Stories, Ramazzotti admitted that it’s not all roses: “Since I became pregnant, I have nightmares every night. All the worries that don’t come up during the day remind me to lose consciousness at night. Then I get up three times four times to go to the bathroom. Or start a new bath or make a complement to the bath I just finished.”

While they wait to hold their first child in their arms, a boy who will be born around April, Aurora and Goffredo also struggle with their move to a new house in Milan, where the baby will be born.

The couple informed the gender of the child at a beautiful party attended by friends and relatives. In the end, the sky turned blue to everyone’s feelings. Grandma Michele Hunziker burst into tears of joy. Also with her is Eros Ramazotti, who unleashed the diaper changing and dances.

The formalization of Aurora’s pregnancy took a few weeks“I need time,” said Eros and Michelle’s daughter. Then her stomach finally came out. “Finally we are all free to be happy,” Hunziker commented after Aurora’s video in which she announced the predictions.

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