Letizia insulted Felipe VI by telling Jaime del Burgo that he was not enough of a man in bed

Letizia insulted Felipe VI by telling Jaime del Burgo that he was not enough of a man in bed

Felipe I cheerful They are going through a turbulent period of their lives. Jaime del Burgo broke his silence on social networks and revealed the alleged betrayal of the Queen towards the King with him. According to the lawyer, he met the journalist in the early 2000s, fell in love with her and made every effort to meet her. They developed A friendship developed into a relationship, Although it was short-lived. In 2003, he proposed to her, but she refused because she was meeting the prince at the time. Despite the split, ex Thelma Ortiz and the princess reconnected soon after with Letizia seeking support. She was not happy with the crown, realized her mistake, and her ambition to become the most powerful woman in the land led her down another path.

this week, New details provided He revealed the exact timeline of their love story. According to the data, they were in a romantic relationship from 2002 to 2004, and broke up before the actual wedding. From that moment they became friends and close ones until 2010; Then, from 2010 to 2011, they lived an intense and lasting love relationship in complete secrecy. Finally, they became in-laws in 2012. However, it is believed that he married Thelma Ortiz to stay close to his great love, Letizia.

Letizia Ortiz and Jaime del Burgo, Lovers in New York City, 2011, TV3

Letizia was in love with Jaime del Burgo and was at a loss about whether to marry Felipe

Letizia and Jaime del Burgo had plans to run away from Spain with their daughters. Although the situation was difficult, they both loved each other deeply. The Queen loved the lawyer very much and found happiness next to him, even in the intimate sphere. Relations with his former sister were more satisfactory than her relations with Felipe. There was no contact with the king. In fact, friends from her time in Mexico mentioned in an interview that the journalist was a republican, who never sympathized with royalty and did not like Felipe, because he did not meet the physique she was looking for in a man.

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Controversial photo of Letizia

When Felipe scheduled a corporate event or an international trip, Letizia used that moment to call Jaime del Burgo and spend all or part of the day together. He had a room in the zarzuela just for himself. Being a friend and one of the marriage lawyers, the Queen was able to hide her presence and let the matter go unnoticed. Meanwhile, according to Thelma Ortiz's ex-husband, they maintained intimate relationships.

On one occasion, Letizia confessed to him that she loved him and that she had made a mistake in marrying Felipe, but her ambition got the better of her. In addition, she told him that she was more satisfied with him in bed than with Felipe, who was very sullen and fat.

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